More Than a Safe Place

Did you know that 80% of companies keep the VDR open after due diligence? That's because the need for a secure, easy-to-use data room doesn’t stop when the deal does.  

In a world where information leaks and data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA are constant concerns, protect your business secrets and PII for the long-term with our best-in-class data room technology.

  • Fast entry | Navigate quickly to projects old and new on our Landing Page. Leverage our robust OCR search to find what you’re looking for immediately in the data room.
  • Control access | Share sensitive data safely with our easy invites and granular user and document permissions. Leverage our analytics tool to monitor who’s looking at what and when in the VDR.
  • One source of truth | Enable knowledge transfer and mitigate data loss risks by converting your project to a long-term VDR repository. Audit trails protect against future litigation.
  • Flexible pricing | Get the price plan that suits your needs. Avoid hidden fees and per seat limitations.
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