Don't Play VDR Catch-Up

Buyers’ number one pet peeve? Messy virtual deal rooms. That’s why we’ve given you the space and tools you need to ensure you’re 100% organized before launch. Pave the way for a smooth due diligence process with Datasite Prepare. Then use our Sandbox for prep throughout your transaction. 

  • Extend your team | Lean on our 200+ dedicated project managers to set your data room up quickly and provide a professional polish. 24/7/365 and in 18 languages.
  • Organize with AI | Easily categorize and index documents with auto-suggestions based on machine-learning from 3m+ deal room documents. Or email materials directly to your VDR project inbox and have your advisors do it.
  • Redact in the VDR | Ensure sensitive data is share-ready and tackle GDPR and CCPA compliance at scale with our AI-enabled redaction tool. Protect PII while saving 80%+ in time and money.
  • Permission wisely | Safely and effortlessly control who sees what with our granular user and document security permissions.  
Document with Redacted information
  • Datasite Prepare

    Be deal ready, every time.

  • Pro tips for managing transactions

    Pointers to help transaction managers maintain the requisite swagger needed to move through the deal lifecycle as a winner.

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