Succeed with Exits

Set-up your dataroom quickly and blaze through redaction to go live with buyers fast. Manage questions easily with Q&A. Support decisions with robust analytics and reporting. Spot high-interest buyers and close successfully.

Spend more time with buyers and less time in the dataroom.

Get Started Faster

Categorize deal documents and set-up your index quickly with the power of AI. Cascade user and document permissions in real time or bulkschedule. Control subject-matter expert input. Copy and paste email addresses, select roles and choose a language. It’s that simple.

Featuring Smart Tools

Update and Redact Files Intelligently

Prepare documents in more than 200 formats, including Office and PDF files. Redact words, phrases and images. And protect them all with ironclad security. Automatically draft redactions and tag them with reasons for quick unredaction. Then find exactly what you need with OCR and search in 14 languages.

Product Redaction Example

Gain Key DealInsights with Analytics

Stay on top of your deal with an intelligent dashboard. Drill down and discover how long users spend with each page. And customize your visualization to show what’s important to you. Then you can focus efforts on high-interest buyers.

Enhanced Analytics

Respond Fast to Buyer Q&A

Set up categories, teams and workflows, quickly and easily. Create questions online or import from Excel. Stay up to date with the highly visual Q&A dashboard, and reply in thread mode, linking documents. Then export data to Excel for reporting and compliance.

Streamlined Q and A

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