Streamline Fundraising

Easily share essential documents with prospective investors and LPs. Measure key document readership to gauge investor engagement. Streamline investor information flow while you focus on investor relationships.

Fundraise with confidence and stay in control with Datasite.

Organize LP and Prospective Investor Lists

Support IR relationship building with LP/ prospective investor contact information. Collaborate effectively among IR team members, advisors and placement agencies.

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Keep LPs Informed

LP reporting extends naturally from the fundraising process. Automatically alert LPs as regular reporting and future ad-hoc file sharing appears. And keep your deal team informed about LP readership during the life of the fund with comprehensive analytics.

Enhanced Analytics

Ensure Fundraising Stays on Track

Gain insights to support your LP/prospective investor discussions. Measure them against key milestones for readership, file downloads and even Q&A activity. Then track who received fund marketing documents, and when, using advanced analytics. You can even receive prompts for additional outreach where needed.

Outreach Buyer Tracker

Tailor Investor Outreach

Master premarketing, fund marketing and ongoing LP reporting. Create email copy and add customized watermarks. Then add this to term sheets, PPMs, pitchbooks, LPAs and other fund documents. And rest assured that all outreach activities are logged for compliance and reporting.

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