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Energy & Power

Volatile markets. Lengthy processes. Energy & Power professionals face heightened challenges compared to other sectors. Whether you’re working on M&A, capital markets, or restructuring – you’ll power through transactions faster than ever with Datasite.

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Energy & Power Data Rooms Created in 2019


Dealmakers Yearning for Clearer Buy-Side M&A Criteria

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Top Energy & Power Deals in 2019

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In a buyer’s market sellers face increased pressure to have data rooms and financials organized prior to due diligence.

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Increased Simplification

Engineering a profitable path forward can take many forms. Energy & Power professionals often find themselves overwhelmed by a glut of regulations and an expansive network of subject matter experts needed to drive decision making. Datasite Diligence gives you the analytics, integrated redaction, and project management needed to make transactions quick and easy.

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Expanded Reach

The proliferation of public and private players in recent years has far outpaced demand. Standing out in a crowded market can be a losing game. Datasite Outreach empowers you to cast a wide net to engage buyers during the most challenging times.

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Evolving Expertise

Volatile markets require staying current on the most pressing issues. Datasite Insight generates healthy dialog among dealmakers on the best practices and emerging trends most relevant to dealmakers today.

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    Accelerate due diligence. Datasite Diligence gives you the analytics, real-time redaction, security, and customer support you need to make your deal a success.

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    Take control of your asset marketing and make a real connection with potential buyers. Give your team one place to see real-time project status. Enjoy a streamlined buyer outreach process.