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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Valuable R&D. Fraught time-lines. Complex regulatory processes. Navigating the healthcare and life sciences industry has never been harder. Whether you’re looking at a licensing, listing or M&A, achieve your objective quickly and keep sensitive data secure with Datasite.

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Healthcare professionals agree that finding all potential red flags is the hardest part of due diligence. That’s why our robust optical character recognition (OCR) search combs through all documents types fast. Look once, and then get alerts on automatic.

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Voluminous medical records. eCTD files. Multiple regulatory bodies. Need we say more? Our in-house team supports you whenever you need it, lightening the mental load and providing a professional polish.

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Protect Your IP

With so many stakeholders and documents, keeping sensitive information secure is paramount. Protect your IP and stay HIPAA compliant with our intuitive permissions and ironclad security.

Question Management

Between investors and regulators, it’s easy to lose track of the question deluge coming your way. Our in-app Q&A tool helps you stay on top of your to-do list and easily keep a record of all stakeholder communications.

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Evolving Expertise

Volatile events require staying current on the most pressing issues. Get actionable insights on market trends and best practices from your peers with Datasite Insight.

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  • Datasite Diligence

    Accelerate due diligence. Datasite Diligence gives you the analytics, real-time redaction, security, and customer support you need to make your deal a success.

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    Take control of your asset marketing and make a real connection with potential buyers. Give your team one place to see real-time project status. Enjoy a streamlined buyer outreach process.