Preparing the Deal

Datasite gives you unparalleled control throughout the M&A lifecycle. Get insights to help you win more deals. Attract potential buyers faster. Collaborate easier with clients pre-diligence. It's all under one integrated platform.

Project & Market Insights

Datasite Outreach gives you immediate visibility into past and present deals. Aggregated Insights across deals give you proprietary intelligence to bring into your next client pitch - helping you secure new mandates.

Integrated Deal Marketing

Enable you and your team to move through deal marketing at record speed - Datasite Outreach gives bankers one tool to execute buyer engagement, eliminating the lack of connectivity between different systems like email, CRM, Adobe and Excel.

Instant Deal Preparation

The minute you win a mandate, sign onto Datasite Prepare and instantly begin collaborating on key deal docs. Artificial intelligence helps you categorize documents and setup your index. Then shift to due diligence in one click.


Sonenshine Case Study

For Sonenshine, the remote work environment offered an opportunity to rethink the tools they use in the M&A process. Learn how they added integrated deal marketing functionality to drive better collaboration.

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Capstone Headwaters

Data is key for Capstone Headwaters. Learn how Datasite Outreach provides their team with the critical data needed for a transaction, with the efficiency tools to enable a successful deal outcome.

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  • Datasite Prepare

    Datasite Prepare provides M&A dealmakers the fastest, easiest tool to move from deal preparation to due diligence.

  • Datasite Outreach

    Datasite Outreach makes the deal marketing process efficient, with added insights across projects.

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