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SPACs have emerged as a preferred way for many companies to go public. However, a successful outcome requires investors, sponsors, and target companies to be aligned and deal ready. The abbreviated timelines, rounds of regulatory approvals, and careful due diligence can create deal team fatigue. That’s why the right technology can make all the difference.

Resources to Optimize the SPAC Lifecycle

From SPAC formation to finding the business you need to fulfill it, you’ll find all the tools you need here. And, when it comes to the De-SPAC process, your VDR is a click away with all your data lined up and ready to go. 

Expert Spotlight: Southeast Asia Deal Momentum

Southeast Asia M&A deals have bounced back strongly as private equity players lead cross-border activity, given increasing openness from companies to take on PE investment amid difficulty in accessing capital, according to industry experts speaking at a recent webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket. Read this blog to learn more.

Market Spotlight: After a roaring 2020, is the boom time over for SPACs?

How exactly changes to SPAC regulation will manifest remains uncertain, but it seems clear that more heat will be taken out of the market. SPACs won’t disappear, but the heady times of 2020 and early 2021 may soon prove to be a flash in the pan.

Navigating the Future of Fundraising in Private Equity

Presented with Pitchbook. Increased allocations to private fund strategies has allowed private equity (PE) to amass a steadily swelling flow of capital commitments and reach record tallies of dry powder. Watch the on-demand replay to hear what the panel of industry experts have to say about current fundraising trends, and where they're seeing opportunities for the future.

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Inside the SPAC PIPE

The PIPE, or private investment in public equity, is a critical step in the transformation of a blank check vehicle into an operating public company. Though PIPE offerings are hardly new to the capital markets, the recent rise in special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) has brought these capital raises along for the ride.

Expert Spotlight: Greater China Deal Momentum

Multiple drivers have fueled the momentum in China’s post-COVID M&A landscape, and are expected to continue to drive deal flow this year, including the Chinese government’s dual circulation initiatives, multinationals’ carve-outs, low-cost financing, SPACs boom, and others, according to industry experts speaking at a webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket in March.

Market Spotlight: SPACs are coming to Canada

Initial public offerings of special purpose acquisition companies on Canada’s stock exchanges, which have so far paled in comparison to the frenetic pace of US SPAC issuance, will likely increase this year. Read more coverage from our recent M&A Momentum in Canada webinar in this article from Mergermarket editor Rachel Stone.

Expert Spotlight on Benelux: SPACs, super sectors, and speeding up

What trends, sectors, and operational shifts are shaping M&A in Benelux in 2021? Experts discussed these issues at a recent roundtable. Find out what they had to say.

Leveraging Technology to Drive a Successful SPAC Process

In a recent Datasite & Pitchbook led webinar, 73% of participants said that they would consider SPACs as a viable exit option in the future. This backs recent sentiments, as SPACs continue to make news headlines nearly every day. Sponsors, advisors, and target companies flock to highlight the many advantages of the vehicle – including the ability to manage market risk effectively, and sidestep lengthy processes involved in a traditional IPO.

SPAC Bubble or Not: How to Assess Value and Opportunity

The recipe for SPACs in 2020 mixed celebrity-backed blank checks with a bull market flush with capital and homebound investors hungry for growth returns. Last year’s activity was almost three times higher than the previous three years combined. At that pace there will be 400-450 new vehicles created in 2021, in an IPO market that typically brings 200-250 new companies to market.

Your Questions Answered: All About SPACs

We talked to several industry experts about all thing SPACs. Listen to these audio clips to hear what they had to say about the rising interest in SPACs and if they are here to stay.

More than a Craze: Exploring the Past & Future of SPACs

2020 was a breakout year for Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs). Investors, sponsors, and target companies realize the numerous market advantages of taking a company public via a SPAC. The faster timelines, reduced pricing risk, and the opportunity to work with experienced management teams make the vehicle a viable exit option. In this infographic, we take a look at the recent rising trend in SPACs as an exit option, and how long it may last.

Corporate Development Outlook: Buyer's Circle

In a world turned topsy-turvy by COVID-19, sell-side M&A is running white-hot. With valuations shooting through the roof, how do top buyers succeed? Get the market outlook directly from top buyers in our next virtual roundtable.

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Exit Trends and Opportunities in PE

Presented with PitchBook. Dry powder is at an all-time high. Fundraising has dramatically increased. Will this translate to increased portfolio company turnover? In recent years, the answer has been no, with both exits and valuation down. Join the conversation on February 23rd and hear what our panel of experts are seeing in private equity exit trends and opportunities.

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The New Americas M&A Landscape

What forms of creative dealmaking and innovation will prevail in 2021? The new year brings new optimism for the M&A outlook. Join FT and Datasite for our latest webinar exploring the risks and opportunities that today’s new environment poses.

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The Emergence of the SPAC Option for Private Company IPOs

Over the last few years, a new path has emerged for private companies to monetize their assets via a business combination with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”) as compared to traditional options. The success of SPACs has fundamentally altered how companies think about access to the capital markets to fuel and accelerate their growth trajectory.

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