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VDR Tips

Put Merrill DataSite to work for you with our top tips:

To get due diligence underway faster, take advantage of our project support resources
The planning or a "kick-off" call introduces your dedicated Merrill DataSite Project Manager and facilitates building your DataSite, putting it all into motion. We can have your VDR ready for your use within an hour and will assist you in every facet of the building process. Our easy-to-use upload tool and around-the-clock project management team will ensure that the collection of electronic documents moves quickly. Merrill DataSite's team can scan and index the hard copy pages on your behalf and have your VDR ready for you in less than an hour.

Understand the VDR's capabilities
It is highly recommended that prospective and actual clients see a quick VDR demonstration prior to using the VDR platform. A live demo cements security, functionality, cost/benefit and overall value proposition. The more you learn about Merrill DataSite, the more advantages you will discover. Speed, security, ease-of-use, and audit-trail reporting are just a few of the things you should be aware of, but a live demo will give you the opportunity to explore other features that are very important for your transaction.

Leverage Merrill DataSite's easy-to-use electronic invitation features to invite more viewers and encourage more bids
Since the coordination and travel expenses are eliminated, users from around the world can participate in the due diligence process concurrently, which opens up the sale to more competition, making it less likely that someone will try to make a 'low-ball' bid. You can invite all the parties quickly, with great control over the process by extending electronic invitations from within your DataSite. Potential bidders can work in the VDR independently, unaware of other users' activity. You control it all!

Use Merrill DataSite's extensive reporting tools to keep informed and gain a better insight into deal activity
The reporting tools within Merrill DataSite can help you quickly and realistically determine who is serious about your deal, while eliminating others from the deal process with confidence. The real-time reports allow you to quickly ascertain both the extent of activity and the topics of interest for each group of users on your site. The page level audit-trail is unmatched by any report in the industry. Our clients consider these intelligence reports as a vital part of their overall decision making throughout the deal. Feel confident by having the best deal intelligence!

Control your costs by making Merrill DataSite the central repository for all bidders and their support teams
Make your site the central point for as much of the due diligence process as possible. With no paper data room to set up and operate – and because the DataSite can be launched and managed so efficiently – you have a better chance of keeping legal and accounting fees under tighter control. What's more, the per-page cost of the Merrill DataSite is all-inclusive, helping you budget effectively for the sale process.

Get your team engaged faster by encouraging them to log in and find out how user-friendly and intuitive Merrill DataSite is
Merrill DataSite is very intuitive, making it easy for users and administrative staff alike to start using it immediately. If you need assistance at any time, experienced project managers are available around the clock for your assistance.

Take advantage of Merrill DataSite's flexible user permissions to streamline your confidential information securely
DataSite ensures that the content owner is in control from the project's start. As a Site Administrator you will determine who can use your VDR and what other users may view, print and download, being able to rapidly change user permissions as the deal progresses.

Encourage users to employ Merrill DataSite's powerful search tools to find the right content, instantaneously
Bidders will be attracted to the user-friendly, thorough presentation of your deal when they see how simple it is to work with your site's document index and robust search tools. Merrill DataSite enables users to find any word or the entire document within seconds, just like "a needle in a haystack". Full disclosure increases buyer confidence significantly!

Conduct the entire due diligence process on Merrill DataSite to keep the deal moving quickly
Transform what was once a time-consuming due diligence process. Provide all interested parties with comprehensive documentation so they can make competitive offers in a much shorter time frame than it would previously has been possible. Your VDR offers a secure and highly efficient method of sharing critical business information. Key parties can access relevant documentation within seconds, as opposed to having to travel to a physical location and scheduling a meeting.