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What is a VDR?

A virtual data room (VDR) optimizes a due diligence process by transforming an inefficient, vulnerable physical data room or simple online storage product into a highly secure online data exchange and storage solution.

In short, a VDR, such as Merrill DataSite®, offers a secure and highly efficient method of sharing critical business information. Key parties can access relevant documentation within seconds, from anywhere around the world, reducing cost and increasing the speed of a transaction.

How is a VDR Used?

Used by corporate sellers and buyers, private equity firms, lawyers, and financial advisors, VDRs can be employed in a variety of transactions that require due diligence, including:

• Mergers
• Acquisitions and disposals
• IPOs and secondary offerings
• Asset purchases
• Liquidations and bankruptcies

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Top VDR Tips

Don’t underestimate the importance of project support resources in getting up to speed quickly.
Merrill DataSite® has an easy-to-use upload tool and around-the-clock project management team that will ensure the collection of electronic documents moves quickly. In fact, our team can scan and index the hardcopy pages on your behalf and have your VDR ready in less than an hour. And we’ll continue to assist you in every facet of the building process.

Understand the VDR's capabilities and how they can help your ROI.
The more you learn about Merrill DataSite, the more advantages you’ll discover. Speed, security, ease-of-use, and audit-trail reporting are just a few of the features you’ll be able to learn more about, including how they can drive your overall cost/benefit and value proposition. Schedule a short demo with us today <link> to experience the benefits of Merrill DataSite for yourself.

Leverage easy-to-use invitation features to invite more viewers and encourage more bids.
Removing the hassle of travel and coordination means users around the world can participate in the due diligence process concurrently, greatly increasing the number of potential bids. With Merrill DataSite’s email invitations, inviting parties is quick and easy. And with more competition, you’re less likely to see a low bid. Potential bidders can work in the VDR independently, unaware of other users' activity.

Use extensive reporting tools of Merrill DataSite to stay informed and gain better insight into deal activity.
The reporting tools within Merrill DataSite can help you quickly and accurately determine who is serious about your deal while confidently eliminating others from the process. Real-time reports give you insight into activity levels and areas of interest for each user on your site. And, our page-level audit trail is unmatched by any in the industry.

Effectively manage your budget by making Merrill DataSite the central repository for all bidders and their support teams.
With Merrill DataSite as the central point for your due diligence process, you’ll keep legal and accounting fees under tighter control. The per-page cost of a Merrill DataSite VDR is all-inclusive, so there are no hidden fees and no surprises.

Get your team engaged quickly with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
Merrill DataSite was designed with your needs in mind. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for users and administrative staff alike to get up and running immediately. Should you need assistance at any time, our experienced project managers are available to help around the clock.

Tap into the flexible user permissions to securely streamline your confidential information.
Right from the start, Merrill DataSite ensures that the content owner is in complete control. You determine who can use your VDR, and you control what other users may view, print and download. You also have the ability to change user permissions instantly as the deal progresses.

Merrill DataSite has powerful search tools to help you find the right content, fast.
The robust search tools of Merrill DataSite enable users to find any word or the entire document within seconds. Significantly increase buyer confidence with the ability to deliver full disclosure.

Conduct your entire due diligence process on Merrill DataSite to keep the deal moving quickly.
Transform what was once a time-consuming due diligence process by using Merrill DataSite. Your VDR will offer a secure and highly efficient method of sharing critical business information. In fact, key parties can access relevant documentation within seconds—significantly faster than having to travel to a physical location or schedule a meeting.

"Merrill's software is intuitive and thoughtfully organized. We will frequently have dozens of individuals access the site and rarely have questions from users who have trouble logging in or accessing files. Above all, Merrill understands the nature of our business and DataSite is designed to meet our standards.”

-Director, Mid-Market Investment Banking, CIBC