Datasite for Startups

March 01, 2023 | Brochure

Whether you are raising Series A funding, on your way to becoming the next unicorn, or ready to IPO or exit and start your next endeavor, you can rely on us to help you succeed. Datasite technology accelerates your journey and supports you at every stage.

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First or Final Stage

Whether you're just starting out, optimizing, building, scaling up, or exiting, due diligence is a big part of the fundraising process.

What's expected from startups during this part of the process? And how exactly do investors see and approach due diligence? Datasite can be your ideal partner and help you in this stressful process.

We're there for you. For every stage of your journey.

Seed Capital

Starting your journey? When everything’s on the line, you want the best project management support and financial transaction technology out there. Get pitch-ready and be prepared to share documents securely with your team internally and externally.

Series Funding

Just getting started or going big? Whether seeking Series A, B, C, or even D funding, set up your data room in just one click and share documents instantly with potential investors to get more funding.


Time to go public? Get out of your comfort zone and conquer the market when the time is right. Ensure all your documents are uploaded and shared securely, collaborate effectively with investors, and gain key insights with analytics.


Reached unicorn status? Or time to move on to the next big thing? Pursue your exit strategy seamlessly with integrated capabilities that keep information secure while making collaboration effortless. So you get to the finish line faster. 


You've successfully started one business. Ready to start, acquire, or sell another? Enable your roadmap across workstreams with user and content-level permissions to ensure appropriate access to the relevant information and capabilities to meet aggressive timelines.  

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