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For secure repository

Everything you need for a secure repository

Find what you need

Lean on AI-enabled auto-categorization, document previews, and in-app document translation. Miss nothing with OCR search down to the character level.

Consolidate and collaborate

Consolidate request lists in one place. Enable real-time collaboration and workstream progress tracking. Use @mentions to guide review. Create findings from underlying documents.

Track engagement

Watch activity and behavior - down to the individual page. Drill into detail with near real-time reporting. Add custom dashboards, schedule and send automatically.

Save everything

Create an indexed and searchable archive directly from any Diligence or Acquire project. Datasite Archive provides a legally defensible snapshot of a project. Be ready for your next deal.

End-to-end security

Security is why dealmakers use Datasite. We look after your data so that you can focus on your deal. Rigorous security standards are embedded at every level: platform, processes, and people.

Premium service

SaaS should stand for “software AND service.” Experienced service professionals are available 24/7/365 at no additional charge and fluent in more than 20 languages.

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Full spectrum of transactions

  • Audits

    Preparation for response to tax audits are intensive and time-consuming. Logistical, security, and compliance issues abound. Datasite Cloud is the ideal solution.

  • Integration Planning

    Give your integration workstreams all the tools to review content, manage their tasks, and collaborate as your buy-side diligence teams.

  • Asset Readiness

    Deliberately gathering, managing, and storing due diligence information well in advance of a proposed exit transaction can increase deal certainty. Be ready with Datasite Cloud.

  • Q of E Assessment

    A well-managed collection of relevant documents streamlines and accelerates this important process – one that is no longer applicable to just larger companies.

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