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Understanding the needs of renewable energy dealmakers

The pivot toward renewables is inevitable – particularly in Europe. Even the largest of traditional energy companies are diversifying their portfolio with solar, wind, and geothermal assets. Not only is it a prudent business strategy but it is the right thing to do.

Opportunities are entertained if they add value, regardless of commodity prices. The main driver is economics. And that’s where renewable energy deals are an interesting combination of oil and gas transaction dynamics and technology deal attributes. Include the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) angle and you have a recipe for complexity.

The Datasite Cloud was built to help navigate this level of complexity. Providing you a single platform with all the tools your team needs to manage both buy- and sell-side deals in one place. All while remaining committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

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Full spectrum of transactions

  • Sell-side

    The sell-side M&A process is more than just loading documents into a data room. Much more. The Datasite Cloud was designed to manage all of your challenges.

  • Buy-side

    Take control of the entire buy-side diligence process with Datasite Cloud. Make decisions faster and move past closure to integration quicker than ever.

  • Financing

    The Datasite Cloud is the ideal platform to facilitate private placements of equity and debt, public offerings, and secured and unsecured loan transactions.

  • Secure Repository

    The Datasite Cloud not only helps you prepare for diligence but manage the processes that surround that diligence. And hold that data securely afterwards.

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

    The Datasite Cloud enables fast and efficient drafting of SEC-required documentation while effectively managing a simultaneous sell-side process.

  • Restructuring

    Whether you are shedding a few assets or engaged in a more complex workout, the Datasite Cloud helps manage all aspects of your restructuring process.

  • Fundraising

    Streamline the process of fundraising with the Datasite Cloud. All within a single platform.

  • Licensing

    Companies are relying on the Datasite Cloud to save time, minimize risks, and gain more control over the licensing process.

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