The Deal's In Your Pocket

October 10, 2022 | Blog

The Deal's In Your Pocket

Put publishing powers in the palm of your hand

Your deal is always on the move. So are you, most likely. Stay in control of your data room content wherever you are, with a powerful new feature in the Datasite app.

Welcome to mobile publishing. From your phone or tablet, you can:

  • Open specific documents
  • Review prepared lists of documents at a glance
  • Publish (or unpublish) files individually or in bulk

Now no-one has to wait for content – or see files that they shouldn’t.

Faster reaction = greater momentum

When you’re running a deal, time can slip through your fingers. A deal-critical document might be ready to publish, but you’re not at your computer. You might lose precious hours before that signed NDA finally goes live.

Moving fast also raises the risk. Are there files still in your deal room that should no longer be there? How many users might see them before you get back to your desk?

Mobile publishing fixes both issues. Now, whenever deal teams upload documents, you can review and publish them no matter where you are. And if something shouldn’t be there, you can unpublish it with one tap. No more delays.

Keep your deal moving – go mobile

Carry your data room everywhere with the Datasite app. Fix issues before they happen. Stay connected with your team from start to finish, and keep that deal in your pocket.

  • Enjoy secure access to your deal documents remotely
  • Run analytics on the most critical aspects of your deal
  • Instantly review and share documents
  • Communicate with deal teams and buyers anytime, anywhere

Download the latest version of the Datasite app now.

Datasite Mobile App

Scan the QR code on your iOS or Android phone to manage your deal anytime, anywhere.