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Datasite Acquire

Buy-Side M&A Due Diligence Software

Datasite Acquire, our dedicated buy-side offering,  provides deal teams one place to execute M&A due diligence. Datasite Acquire reduces deal times and sharpens oversight for every stakeholder. Unearth insights with analytics, through an intuitive buyer dashboard. Work smarter with secure collaboration tools. And keep your deal moving with improved workflow communication. With Datasite Acquire, you can be sure your buy side due diligence stays on track.

Sharpen Oversight for Every Stakeholder

Keep the entire buy-side deal team in the loop, with all due diligence project information in one place. Get an overview of all findings with analytics through your buyer dashboard. Alert users when new documents are available. And identify who’s mentioned them in comments.

Key features include:

  • Intuitive Buyer Dashboard
  • Flexible Due Diligence Trackers
  • Streamlined Findings Tools

Intuitive Buyer Dashboard

With Datasite Acquire, M&A buy-side teams can get the full picture of their deal in one place. Receive real-time notifications when new deal documents arrive in your project. See the status of all findings in the deal, organized by status, workstream, and priority. 

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Flexible Due Diligence Trackers

Keep track of every aspect of your buy-side project in one place with Trackers. Create and permission as many trackers as needed including task lists, document request lists and due diligence checklists. Easily link to findings and deal documents within any item on a tracker.

Streamlined Findings Tool

See all deal findings in one place. And link those findings to any relevant deal documents. Permission findings to enable secure collaboration on sensitive topics.

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Reduce Deal Times

Work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively. Give your team one secure, dedicated app where all buyer due diligence deal-related content exists and where all collaboration can happen. From there, you can move more quickly and cut deal times.

Key features include:

  • Secure, Central Document Repository
  • Load Deal Files Fast
  • Work Smarter, Communicate Better

Enjoy a Secure, Central Document Repository

Invite people from both inside and outside the company to one secure, central location where they can work together on deal documents for buy side due diligence. Embed "@mentions" in comments and let everyone know exactly when and where to collaborate.

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Load Deal Files Fast

Upload documents quickly, let Datasite’s powerful AI capabilities automate manual file organization tasks by suggesting categories and index locations for all your deal files. Save additional time with Project Inbox, which provides deal team members a single email address to which they can send all deal files. Receive alerts when sellers or other members of the deal team make new documents available. Then transfer them to your private virtual data room with a single click.

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Work Smarter, Communicate Better

Communicate more effectively around deal documents using the secure commenting and @mention features in Datasite Acquire. Focus the discussion where it needs to be by placing comments in any deal document and marking them public or private. Streamline collaboration by @mentioning others on the buy-side team in comments so they know exactly where to focus their attention.

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Streamline One-to-One Deals

Speed up all aspects of buyer m&a due diligence on one-to-one deals. And give the seller tightly controlled access to upload and organize relevant deal documents. That saves you hours of manually uploading and organizing documents on their behalf.

Key features include:

  • Control Seller Access
  • Customize the Document Repository

Control Seller Access

Set limits to what sellers can see and do throughout the buy side due diligence process, with the granular permissions model.

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Customize the Document Repository

Create the index structure you want your sellers to follow. Save time managing content and reviewing documents as a part of buyer due diligence.

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