March 15, 2022

M&A in the Middle - A Private Equity Lesson

By Bill Myers, Vice President, Sales - Private Equity

Why are private equity (PE) firms interested in acquiring US middle-market companies?

Because they always have been! But why now especially? The US mid-market is a prime hunting-ground for assets you can grow quickly to achieve a swift exit. So when interest rates are low and debt is easy to come by, PE firms will swoop. According to PitchBook, PE accounted for a record 20% of global M&A activity in 2021, of which the US mid-market activity made up 27.5%.

Other factors are kicking in too. There’s a lot more scrutiny of deals now, for both security and antitrust reasons. That means fewer corporate mega-mergers, and when those do happen there are more divestitures and spin-offs. So PE is picking off these tasty opportunities.

In addition, PE firms are sitting on a mountain of dry powder, feeding a trend of funding acquisitions through direct lending. We saw this in action recently in one of the largest buyouts ever: a consortium of PE firms acquiring a family-owned medical-supply company.

What are the main areas of concern for PE firms?

Economic weather is always an issue – which at present means things like the changing monetary policy, shifting regulatory priorities, a greater focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, tax reform, inflation, supply chain challenges and labor shortages (the “Big Quit”). According to our December 2021 survey of 600 global dealmakers, the top deal-breaking risks this year are likely to be ESG factors and inflation.

Then you have the risks down at deal level. A white-hot market, scarce assets, frantic competition. Due diligence in the Americas is being raced through – an average 19% faster than last year, according to Datasite Insight. And this is with a reduced workforce. Efficiencies simply must be found, such as through technology like ours.

Now, factor in sky-high valuations. These make it tough for PE firms to create an investment thesis with robust ROI. One solution has been to focus on roll-up strategies, while another has been to dodge competitive auctions in favor of one-on-one acquisitions.

Consequently, in this part of the market, more buyers are preferring to take the wheel on due diligence. Instead of having the seller call the shots, buyers are finding it more efficient to set up and manage their own data room and have sellers upload documents into that. Our dedicated buy-side platform has been instrumental here.

Why are PE firms getting anxious about ESG risks?

We’re seeing ESG transform from check-the-box compliance to a genuine source of value creation — or potential value loss. Our research shows that ESG issues now register as the highest priority for boards, and that nearly three-quarters of PE dealmakers expect to see more deals sink in the coming two years because of issues surrounding climate change. With the direction of travel so clear, it’s no wonder that businesses everywhere are feeling the heat.

Larger PE firms have already made ESG issues part of their due diligence processes. Mid-market firms can head off many risks by doing the same  and we are increasingly seeing that become a core part of their strategy and value proposition to investors . Another good practice is to address any ESG issues in portfolio companies prior to selling, to make those businesses more attractive.

Above all, the motto is “buyer beware”. An asset with hard-to-fix ESG problems could start losing value from the day of purchase. And PE firms know it. We saw unprecedented levels of deal scrutiny in 2021, with due diligence teams reviewing 34% more materials on average  than in 2020. 

Meanwhile, there are new openings, especially in the energy and power sector. Our research shows that green energy initiatives will represent the biggest M&A opportunity in the sector over the next five years. We’re also seeing global investors place bets on clean tech, with a primary focus on agriculture, food, and mobility — these being the biggest carbon emitters. The 41% surge in technology, media, and telecom (TMT) projects in 2021 wasn’t just about remote working — a big chunk of it was clean tech.

What’s going on elsewhere in M&A that might influence PE activity?

The US has a housing shortage to overcome, so both home prices and the home building market are shooting through the roof. That’s resulted in much PE activity in the real estate space, and also in infrastructure.

We’ve seen record PE activity in the past year, especially in TMT. How does the industry sustain this without burning out?  

Inevitably, there are limits to dealmaking capacity. In our survey of 400 dealmakers, close to 90% told us that they were now being more selective in choosing deals to pursue. Even allowing for this selectivity, a busy year lies ahead. We expect PE firms to find efficiency gains through technology and external specialist support.

One example of this is the rapid adoption of our previously mentioned buy-side platform, Datasite Acquire. This lets buyers run an easily repeatable process while consolidating checklists and all other workflow items in one place. Now that they don’t have to muddle through a new seller’s data room for every new deal, they can save huge amounts of time, while getting specialist buy-side support.

There are efficiency gains to be found on the sell side too, via technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. These help not just with high transaction volumes, but also with automating the most time-hungry parts of M&A, such as asset marketing, deal preparation, and due diligence itself. It translates into more completed deals for the same — or less — effort.

And, of course, PE would be nowhere without funds. Technology such as Datasite Outreach can help with the whole process of investor engagement, keeping track of prospects, progress, and potential obstacles. Along the way, it creates better transparency for stakeholders so that fundraising hits fewer snags. In short, every cog in the deal machine can now move faster and more smoothly.

For more insights, download the 2021 Annual US Middle Market Private Equity report.

2021 Annual US PE Middle Market Report

US PE middle market tops $600B in 2021, but inflation looms.

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It’s really important to know how your deal is going and identify it early if a project is at risk. Outreach project analytics gives you visibility on how your deal is going, so you get the full picture.

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Inflation, the Invasion, and the Great Resignation

For the first half of 2022, global M&A has been squeezed between three powerful forces. A new Datasite suvey looks at their combined effect on dealmaking, and the implications for the shape of deals to come.

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Environmental, social, and governance factors are emerging as a powerful and transformative force in APAC dealmaking, according to leading corporate, private equity, and advisory practitioners who discussed the topic during a recent Euromoney and Datasite webinar.

Expert Spotlight: Democratization of private equity in APAC

Considering the current investment environment in the private equity space, Datasite co-hosted a webinar with the Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (HKVCA) featuring a panel of experts from the PE domain who looked deeper into this trend.

Get Your Due Diligence Going Faster with Trackers Checklist

Why is setting up a data room for your M&A deal such a headache? Wouldn’t it be great if it were easier to collect all the needed documents and files? And have one source of truth? And one place to collaborate? And get your deal launched faster? Now you can.

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Market Spotlight: Rising Rates Will Beget Soured M&A Appetites

US M&A is likely to look somewhat subdued this year and next, especially when compared to the stellar figures posted in 2021 and H2 2020. In the face of challenging circumstances, comprehensive (and lengthy) due diligence will become critical, purchase-price offers will slip and contingent considerations such as earnouts will become more common.

Down to Business: Q&A with Kimberly Petillo-Decossard Partner at Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP

Petillo-Décossard sat down with Datasite for a fascinating Q&A session on the changing dealmaking landscape of 2022. The conversation explored some crucial questions around ESG, corporate diligence, and the human side of M&A.

Market Spotlight: Are Renewables Key to European Energy Security?

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Market Spotlight: Volatility opens novel M&A opportunities in APAC

Though home to several high-growth markets, APAC is not immune to the anxiety characterizing 2022, and there is an expectation that economic expansion will decelerate. But volatility can have its benefits, raising novel opportunities.

Trackers for Datasite Diligence and Prepare

Trackers is one of the must-have features of Datasite. It provides a single, central checklist, used by all involved. When one user makes a change, everyone sees it who needs to see it. There’s no more confusion. There’s no more back-and-forth.

Trackers feature for Datasite Diligence and Prepare
Expert Spotlight: Will Deal Momentum in Denmark Continue in 2022?

A sustained period of inflation will impact both financial markets and transaction processes, and is currently top of mind for those involved in dealmaking. This was one of the key findings in a recent discussion in Copenhagen on the opportunities and challenges within Nordic M&A.

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Market Spotlight: Distressed Deals in EMEA – Will History Repeat Itself?

Events in Europe are already affecting the successes enjoyed by dealmakers in 2021. Is the current situation similar to the 2007-08 crisis? Will restructuring and distressed M&A increase in EMEA in the coming months?

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Latin America may not spring to mind as an obvious venture capital hub. But the volatile political and economic history that has often deterred investors, has an upside. Potential is vast, innovation is buzzing, and now growth is flourishing as money floods into the region.

Why Data Protection, Security & Compliance are Essential for Dealmaking

Four years on from GDPR and data protection remains essential for dealmakers. Why? What are the risks if you don’t have the right security in place and don’t comply with GDPR? How do you make sure your deal data is properly protected? And how does that benefit you and your deal in the end?

Market Spotlight: China’s data security rules racked with ambiguity

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In Europe, cyberattacks are on the rise, exacerbated by rising digitalization. How is this impacting M&A dealmaking in this sector? And will M&A in this space continue to grow in importance?

Expert Spotlight: Will the Strong Momentum in European M&A last in 2022?

The M&A world was going full steam ahead in 2021. But the big question now is whether the frenzy can continue in Europe? If so, for how long? And what will help drive activity there?

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Regrouping But Not Retreating - Corporate M&A in Q2 of 2022

Is the American M&A market just catching its breath after the frantic activity of 2021? Or is this the start of a more profound slowdown? For Datasite’s Q2 Corporate Update, a panel of corporate M&A leaders discussed what we can expect from the rest of the year.

M & A Professional waiting on a Data Room
Datasite Solves the DRM Dilemma for Virtual Data Rooms

Digital rights management (DRM) has held the promise of providing the best of both worlds when it came to M&A and due diligence. Deal administrators would have complete control to protect sensitive content and reviewers would have an easy way to download, review and work with the content in their own environment for due diligence.

Data Room Possibilities
Expert Spotlight: Will Deal Momentum in Norway Continue in 2022?

As we look back across 2021 at M&A in the EMEA region, we can’t help but feel buoyed. And the Nordic region outpaced the rest of Europe, breaking its own records. But can the momentum continue? Experts recently met in Oslo to discuss this question.

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SPACs have actually been around since the 1990s, but last year saw the first real explosion of SPAC-related deal activity. Now, just as abruptly, SPAC IPOs have fallen off. According to figures from Dealogic, a sister organization to Mergermarket, just 63 SPACs floated in Q1 of this year, representing a decline of more than 80% from the same period in 2021. The volume and scale of de-SPAC mergers has likewise waned, falling to 32 in Q1.

Market Spotlight: Capitalizing on the clean energy revolution in APAC

For the energy sector, early 2021 was characterized by rising commodity prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and ongoing supply chain disruptions, as well as the public’s calls to expedite the transition to low-carbon and renewable energy sources. In Australia, where the energy sector dominates a large share of M&A, these trends are having an outsized impact, with an emphasis on environmental concerns and climate change. The clean energy revolution is underway, and Australian companies stand to benefit mightily.

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Market Spotlight: Renewed Public Spending a Boon for Defense M&A

Many European member states of NATO have attracted past criticism from the US for failing to spend the mandated 2% of their annual economic output on defense spending. But will this change in light of the current Ukraine crisis? And what does this mean for defense sector M&A?

The impacts of HFCAA on M&A: When the eagle and the dragon got divorced

The economic marriage of the West and East is on the rocks. China and the US have seen decades of – if not exactly marital bliss – then certainly mutual cooperation. Investments have flowed both ways, with Chinese firms often opting to raise capital on US stock exchanges, and US companies expanding for instance into Shanghai or Beijing. But in recent years a political chill has been pushing these two economic giants into – metaphorically speaking – separate bedrooms.

Bye-bye, M&A language barrier. Hello, due diligence safety net.

When deals involve multiple languages, even the best translators can miss crucial details when the documents to inspect can run into hundreds of thousands. Learn how Datasite can help you eliminate document language barriers in M&A due diligence.

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4 Reasons a Buy-side Data Room is a Better Option for Buyers

For years, buyers have had to work with data rooms set up by sellers, who are often inexperienced. Read on to find out why having a dedicated buy-side platform matters to buy-side M&A dealmakers.

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Strategy for the Middle Market: How to Ace Your Add-Ons

Datasite’s first private equity webinar for 2022 focused on how firms can boost the value of platform companies through well-chosen add-ons. Our panelists discussed the best practices for add-on deals, sharing lessons gleaned from an increasingly fast-paced middle market.

Expert Spotlight: Key M&A trends in ME Turkey

Experts recently reviewed the current landscape of the Middle East and Turkey M&A market and looked at current trends and emerging opportunities for 2022. Find out their views in our blog.

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Blog: Index Syncing in Datasite Acquire

Return to sanity with Datasite’s index syncing. Now you can generate an index folder structure directly from your tracker – to which it stays actively linked. For every folder, there's a dedicated row in the tracker to assign, comment upon, or flag its contents.

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Blog: Assigned Views in Datasite Acquire

Prevent deal shame with watertight workstreams in Datasite Acquire. It’s both a powerful tool and a fine-tuned instrument. You can hide entire columns, or just filter out specific information as needed. That means you can tailor your trackers to a host of different scenarios.

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Blog: Jump Start Project Setup in Datasite Acquire

Stop duplicating work. Duplicate success instead. Copy the core elements from an existing project. Then just tweak the details, and you’re up and running.

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M&A in the Middle - A Private Equity Lesson

Why are private equity (PE) firms interested in acquiring US middle-market companies? Because they always have been! But why now especially? The US mid-market is a prime hunting-ground for assets you can grow quickly to achieve a swift exit. According to PitchBook, PE accounted for a record 20% of global M&A activity in 2021, of which the US mid-market activity made up 27.5%.

Investment Bankers discuss a data room
Market Spotlight: Digitization of M&A Deals in the Middle East & Turkey

Tech is on the rise, in terms of deals and dealmaking, as is general optimism for M&A in the Middle East and Turkey. Find out how increased digitization is impacting M&A there.

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Merging Teams and Acquiring Talent: Workforce Best Practices for M&A

The “Great Resignation” has thrown a spotlight on the question of how to build and retain talent. Datasite’s first quarterly corporate update focused on workforce issues in mergers and acquisitions. Abby Roberts, Datasite’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, moderated this panel discussion.

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Market Spotlight: DX and ESG to take M&A center stage in Japan

At the recent Japan Deal Momentum: M&A, private equity, and tech trends webinar hosted by Mergermarket and Datasite, our panel of experts examined Japan’s M&A performance in 2021 and shared their outlook for 2022.

Market Spotlight: Aussie pension mega funds seeking growth with cross-border M&A

For a long time, Australia’s pension system was characterized by a proliferation of small-scale funds. This is beginning to change under the direction of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, and the investment strength of the country’s pension funds looks set to flourish. Learn more about how Aussie pension funds are growing into global players.

Expert Spotlight: Japan Deal Momentum 2022

Japan dealmakers have a positive outlook on deal activity pipeline through 2022 due to a continuation of corporate divestitures, digital transformation (DX), and ESG trends among others, according to industry experts speaking at a webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket.

Market Spotlight: An active year for Private Equity in EMEA

Globally, 2021 has seen record-breaking levels of M&A. So it is unsurprising that PE activity in the EMEA region has been similarly spectacular. What drove the activity and will it continue in 2022?

M&A Trends: What’s new in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) Sector

TMT deal activity shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Datasite can help you ride the crest of the wave. That’s why the top 20 global PE firms use us. It’s why we’re the choice of 78,000 PE professionals worldwide. Because Datasite is so much more than a data room. We’re a great investment in great investments.

M & A Professional Working on a Data Room
Market Spotlight: M&A 2021 in Americas, A Hard Act to Follow

The global M&A record has been smashed. Aggregate deal value broke the US$5tn barrier to reach US$5.7tn in 2021, easily surpassing the previous high of US$3.9tn in 2015. Records also tumbled for deal volume, with 25,982 transactions. I

New York City Landscape
Buy-side M&A Technology Trends in 2022

For years, buyers have had to work with data rooms set up by sellers – often inexperienced ones. In response, many began to run their buy-side processes from their own data rooms. But they’re still using a platform originally designed for sellers – a muddy short-cut across a lawn.

M & A Professional Walking Through Airport
Women in Finance: A Q&A with Anjali Motiani

Anjali Motiani, Datasite Vice President Finance, EMEA & APAC, shares her thoughts about the challenges companies are currently facing in the inclusion of women in M&A, the steps Datasite is taking to level the playing field, and more.

M & A Professionals discussing a Data Room
Expert Spotlight: Africa Deal Momentum

African M&A showed signs of resurgence in 2021. Our recent webinar reviewed the current landscape of the African M&A market and looked at current trends and emerging opportunities.

Market Spotlight: M&A Activity in Africa

How has African M&A fared during the pandemic? What might the market expect in the coming year? What impact is technology having on the industry? Find out in our blog.

New feature: Buyer-led Q&A in Datasite Acquire

‘Are you sure that’s the latest question list?’ The English language is capable of conjuring countless emotions, from joy to terror, but there are few more horrifying sentences to hear in the middle of due diligence.

M & A Professionals discussing a Data Room
M&A Trends: Digital Health, Due Diligence, and the Future of Healthcare in 2022

Like an iceberg, the healthcare industry has always been slow-moving, vast, and mostly unseen; grinding through heavy regulations and the complexities of innovative science below the surface of public sight. In fact, the sector's true size takes many by surprise.

Healthcare professionals discuss future of M&A in healthcare
Setting our sights on the New Year - 2021's Q4 Corporate Roundtable

As 2021 draws to a close, there’s still lots of uncertainty about economics, politics, and global health in the year ahead. What trends can we see taking shape, and what do they imply about prospects for M&A in 2022? To address these questions, Datasite gathered knowledgeable voices from around the industry for this year’s final Corporate Roundtable.

M & A Professionals discussing a Data Room
Powering a Changing World: Insights From Mergermarket’s Energy M&A Forum

The shift towards clean, sustainable power is accelerating around the globe, creating novel opportunities for consolidation, investment, and acquisition. Datasite and Mergermarket organized a suite of in-depth webinars to explore the changing face of M&A in energy. Our expert guests weighed in on topics ranging from mergers in traditional oil and gas to creative investments in alternative power.

Investment Bankers discuss a data room
FT Global Dealmaking Summit Summary Report

In November, Datasite's chief marketing officer and head of corporate strategy Doug Cullen took a look at recent valuation trends as part of the FT's Global Dealmaking Summit, participating in an interview and panel discussion entitled "Technology M&A: how frothy are current valuations?". Read the summary report from the FT editorial team here, and register for on-demand content from the 2-day virtual event.

M & A Professionals discussing a Data Room
M&A Trends Report: Climate Change and the Mergers and Acquisitions Landscape

To understand the effect of climate change on M&A, Datasite surveyed 400 dealmakers globally and produced a report with the findings. ESG and climate trends are changing the investment landscape. Climate change concerns are having an effect on mergers and acquisitions, 400 dealmakers told Datasite in a global survey.

M & A Professionals Working on a Data Room
Market Spotlight: Pandemic restrictions slow down business recovery in Vietnam

After months of harsh lockdowns in response to a devastating surge in COVID-19 cases, Vietnam’s government began to ease restrictions in October, putting an end to one of the strictest shutdowns in the world. Read more as we look into the impact of the pandemic on Vietnam and the global supply chain.

M & A Professionals discussing use of a Data Room
Expert Spotlight: India Deal Momentum

With India's lockdowns being among the harshest in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a plethora of challenges for most of the country’s traditional sectors, including retail, hospitality, and manufacturing. However, as they struggled to survive, a new set of companies have flourished, and have managed to grab the spotlight in India’s dealmaking and IPO market, according to industry experts speaking at a webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket.

M&A Professional Looking Out into Space
Expert Spotlight: Gaining the Competitive Edge with Digitalization

The use of technology and AI has become critical in terms of efficiency, timing, and transparency in dealmaking, and especially in PE. Experts share their thoughts on how digitization can help you gain a competitive edge in PE.

M & A Professionals discussing a Data Room
Market Spotlight: EU sets out sustainability taxonomy for everyone's benefit

What qualifies as 'sustainable' or 'green' when it comes to ESG-related matters? The EU has set out its much-anticipated taxonomy for sustainable activities. Find out more about what the regulation covers, its objectives, and the upsides for businesses and investors.

M & A Professional on a dock
Inflation risks and rising interest rates likely a transitory issue

Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers with money to spend have been confronted with global supply constraints, higher prices and increasingly concerning inflationary pressures.

M&A Exit Planning with Our Ultimate Deal Readiness Checklist

Download our Ultimate Deal Readiness Checklist to help you plan your exit starting up to two years out from the anticipated event.

Shanghai China city aerial
Expert Spotlight: Poland Adapting to a New Dealmaking Environment Using Technology

COVID became a justifiable pretext for companies and investors across industries to maintain business operations in a new remote environment. Now, as business gets back to usual, will the new normal include a robust use of technology? How have Polish companies adopted tech for successful outcomes?

M & A Professionals Present Data Room Concept
Market Spotlight: India IPO activity at a record high, tech enables M&A growth despite Covid

At the recent India Deal Momentum webinar hosted by Mergermarket and Datasite, our panel of experts examined the India story and presented the latest M&A outlook from the country. Read this blog to learn more.

M&A Professional Looking Out into Space
Changing the Playing Field: Implications of US Financial Policy for M&A Outlook

Mergers and acquisitions in the United States have surged to record levels over the past year, but as a new administration’s priorities take shape, observers are seeing reasons for caution. In partnership with Financial Times, Datasite invited several industry experts to share their thoughts on how these changes will affect M&A prospects.

M & A Professionals discussing a Data Room
Expert Spotlight: Restructuring and Special Situations Opportunities in DACH

The COVID pandemic has left a far-reaching impact on a large part of the world economy. In Europe, an expected consequence of the pandemic was a massive increase in insolvency and restructuring cases. Did that actually result? Experts shared their thoughts at the recent Munich M&A Conference (MuMAC).

M & A Professionals Working on a Data Room
Movers and Makers: Industrial M&A Opportunities in 2021 and Beyond

In partnership with Mergermarket, Datasite convened a panel of leading industry figures to discuss what the growth and disruption trends from 2021 mean for M&A in the manufacturing, logistics and transportation sectors. The resulting conversation and Q&A, provide an exciting look at the prospects for the year ahead.

M & A Professionals Present Data Room Concept
Corporate Development Outlook: Growth and Challenges Driving New M&A Approaches

As the third quarter of 2021 draws to a close, the M&A market remains red-hot despite - or maybe because of - the ongoing transformation of the broader business world. In the Enterprise Edition, the third roundtable in Datasite’s Corporate Development Outlook series, leaders from several of today’s fastest-growing industries gathered to share their insights.

M & A Professionals discussing a Data Room
Innovation and Opportunity in Canada’s M&A Market

With a clearer picture of Canada’s post-Covid business landscape beginning to emerge, both buyers and sellers in the M&A world are working out new approaches to dealmaking. Together with Mergermarket, Datasite brought together several industry insiders to share their perspectives on the future of M&A in Canada.

M & A Professionals discussing a Data Room
Compliance Q&A with Jay Cohen, Of Counsel at Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla

Jay Cohen is Of Counsel to the New Jersey Law Firm of Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla, which provides a wide range of legal services, including advice and counsel for M&A and financing transactions. He’s worked as a Brooklyn prosecutor, served as a legal advisor to both Mayor Ed Koch and Governor Mario Cuomo, and worked for many years as a corporate compliance professional.

M & A Professional Working on a Data Room
Your Place or Mine? Why Buyers Are Choosing the Data Room

Based on a 2020 global corporate survey of 600+ corporate dealmakers, 50% of all buyers said they choose the VDR in one-on-one deals.

M & A Professional Walking Through Airport
Does your data room comply with data privacy law?

You buy a company, you buy the data it holds. Indeed, data may be the main prize, and a big chunk of a company’s valuation. But under the CCPA and similar legislation, it could become a white elephant or even a poisoned apple.

M & A Professional Working on a Data Room
Enterprise nightmares (and how to wake up)

Each year we help over 2,000 companies deliver more than 10,000 successful projects. So we’ve been there to soothe away every nightmare there is. Here are our top four – and how to beat them.

M & A Professional Working on a Data Room
Down to Business: Q&A with Peter Hawthorne, former Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Development at Cargill

A conversation with Cargill's Peter Hawthorne on life, leadership and how he hires.

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Market Spotlight: What’s next for China’s economy in H2 2021?

Being the first country to feel the severe impact of the pandemic, China was also the first major economy to emerge on the other side. However, after such a strong recovery, it was inevitable that the pace of growth would slow. Learn more about trends in domestic and overseas markets that will impact China's economy in the second half of 2021.

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Down to Business: Q&A with Jordi Sabé, former Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Almirall

As part of our ongoing Datasite Insight™ conversations with senior M&A professionals, we interviewed Jordi Sabé, former SVP Corp Dev at Almirall, about his career.

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Women in Legal: A Q&A with Patty Elias

Patty Elias, Datasite General Counsel and Secretary, shares her thoughts about the gender gap in M&A, and how technology can support gender equality and accelerate career growth for dealmakers.

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Expert Spotlight: Southeast Asia Deal Momentum

Southeast Asia M&A deals have bounced back strongly as private equity players lead cross-border activity, given increasing openness from companies to take on PE investment amid difficulty in accessing capital, according to industry experts speaking at a recent webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket. Read this blog to learn more.

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Market Spotlight: EU Green Deal Set to Unleash “Tectonic Change” on Industry

In July, the EU unveiled the most ambitious set of policy proposals yet to help the bloc achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. What does it mean for dealmakers?

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Market Spotlight: After a roaring 2020, is the boom time over for SPACs?

How exactly changes to SPAC regulation will manifest remains uncertain, but it seems clear that more heat will be taken out of the market. SPACs won’t disappear, but the heady times of 2020 and early 2021 may soon prove to be a flash in the pan.

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Expert Spotlight: China Deal Momentum – Mid-Year IPOs Review

After a softer patch in the second quarter of 2021, Hong Kong's initial public offerings will likely rebound significantly over the next six to twelve months, as China tightens scrutiny of overseas listings by its corporates including those based in the Cayman Islands, dealmakers said at a recent webinar.

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Market Spotlight: Tech & telecom sectors lead as SEA witnesses increased PE activity

In the first half of 2021, Southeast Asia's M&A deal value of US$85bn across 482 deals eclipsed the US$31bn accounting for 406 deals during the same period last year. Technology and telecommunications were the best performing sectors in the region, accounting for over 3/4 of the region’s deal activity combined. Learn about the opportunities for M&A in Southeast Asia in this blog.

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Market Spotlight: Hong Kong IPOs set to crawl out of Q2 lows in months to come

Emerging out of the winter of the global pandemic, the summer of 2021 saw renewed activity in the global IPO market. The total amount raised through IPOs by Asian companies expanded exponentially year-on-year in the first half of the year, reaching US$85.4 billion. Learn more in this market spotlight on IPO deal momentum in China and Hong Kong.

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Grow Big or Go Home: M&A Acceleration in the US Tech Industry

The explosive growth of the tech industry has created a wealth of opportunities for mergers and acquisitions. Read the highlights from several technology expert panelists sharing their forecasts for the future in tech on our recent live sector spotlight webinar US Tech Opportunities, presented with Mergermarket.

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5 Things You Didn't Know a Data Room Could Do for You

The latest and greatest software features aren’t just for your phone anymore. In the face of longer, more complex deals, the data room industry continues to innovate.

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7 Datasite Features You're Missing Out On

Look, we know. You’re busy. So let us help you save time. If your VDR is simply a repository for documents, you’re missing out on timesaving and productivity benefits that can add up to hundreds of hours.

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Using Technology to Gain a Competitive Edge in Fundraising

Fund managers are operating in an extremely competitive environment as a result of record high levels of dry powder and capital overhang. We take a closer look at how PE fund managers can digitize the fundraising process and use technology to gain an operational edge in this competitive environment.

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Market Spotlight: Turkey Restructuring

What will drive distressed M&A activity the most in 2021 in Turkey and what will be the most important factor for success in that activity? Find out in our blog.

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The Future of Fundraising in Private Equity: Insights from PE Thought Leaders

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this competitive fundraising environment and dry powder is at an all-time high. Read on to see highlights from our panel of PE experts, during the webinar presented with Pitchbook, as they discussed the evolving role of ESG in fundraising, trends and focus areas for new funds in market and how technology in the fundraising environment has changed.

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Expert Spotlight on Turkey: Investors Expect Spike in Turkish Distressed NPL Activity After Dust Settles

The coronavirus pandemic has set the stage for a spike in Turkish distressed NPL activity. But how big will the spike be and when will it occur? Find out what the experts think.

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New Feature: Mobile 2.0 App for Datasite

The new mobile app is the most intuitive, functional release ever. Dealmakers can use our native app on either iOS or Android to review documents, share files with other members of the deal, manage or invite users to the dataroom, and keep up on the Q&A process. The Datasite mobile app lets M&A professionals manage their deals wherever and whenever they need.

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Data with Destiny: How GDPR is Changing M&A

Three years since it was enacted, GDPR compliance continues to be a high-priority issue in M&A. Fears of fines and reputational damage are increasingly front and center – particularly against the backdrop of increased deal activity in the data-centric tech industry. How is GDPR changing M&A?

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Corporate Development Outlook: Inventive but Disciplined "New Normal" in M&A

The second of a quarterly roundtable series, Datasite’s Q2 Corporate Development Outlook: Benchmarks, Best Practices, and the New Normal, explored key themes and learnings brought on by the pandemic pivot. The roundtable included live audience polling and discussed corporate development priorities in the coming months.

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Local Spotlight: M&A Deal Drivers in Japan – Expert Insights

Expert dealmaker insights from the M&A Deal Drivers: Japan 2021 - M&A growth opportunities in Q4 2020 and beyond webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket

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Expert Spotlight: Japan Deal Momentum

Japan dealmakers are seeing a strong rebound in M&A following the initial impact of COVID- 19 with the current momentum backed by an uptick in corporate divestitures, low-cost financing, and activism among others, according to industry experts speaking at a recent webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket. Learn more from this expert spotlight blog.

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From the Bullpen to the Boardroom: Insights from CEOs

As many professionals can attest, investment banking is a feeder job for other highly successful and ambitious career moves. However, the transition to get there is not always so clear, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our expert panel of CEO's broke down the challenges for our audience and offered several great takeaways for those who want to be CEO one day.

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Market Spotlight: Restructuring in the Middle East

How is M&A faring in the Middle East? Is distressed market activity on the rise, as it is in other regions? And how can deals get done quickly? One thing seems fairly certain: there’s definitely more to come in the region.

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M&A Sector Spotlight: US Healthcare Opportunities

M&A activity in Healthcare is on the move in 2021 and is proving to hold its course as we make our way through Q2. In this on-demand webinar presented with Mergermarket, industry experts discussed current market trends and examined topics expected to dominate activity over the next few years.

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Market Spotlight: Japan Deal Momentum

At a recent webinar hosted by Mergermarket and Datasite, dealmakers took stock of M&A Q1 2021 activity in Japan. Mergermarket’s Q1 2021 data shows Japan recorded 125 deals worth US$15.6 billion. Does this indicate a resurgence in M&A in Japan? Read this blog to learn more.

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US Tax and the Shrinking Window of Opportunity

With President Biden now ensconced in the White House, and with the US COVID-19 vaccination program enjoying a good measure of success by global standards, attention is turning to other matters, such as how the new administration may affect dealmakers’ plans.

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Market Spotlight: Pivoting towards Southeast Asia

Through most of our current era of globalization that took off in the final decade of the previous century, China was the principal benefactor as advanced economies from around the globe looked to it as the ‘factory of the world’. Though still integral to many globalized processes, China’s maturing economy is now pivoting more towards serving its domestic market. This may open opportunities for other countries, such as high-growth Southeast Asian economies like Vietnam and the Philippines, to pick up some slack.

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Promoting Operational Improvements in the Deal Lifecycle

Managing a group of successful dealmakers requires having the best tools at your disposal. The right technology can help your team overcome some common productivity challenges and ensure you have the visibility to make critical operational decisions.

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Market Spotlight: Restructuring in Russia, CIS, and CEE

What lies ahead for dealmaking in Russia, CIS, and CEE now that COVID – at least in some markets – is beginning to subside? Have we already seen the worst or should we expect more liability management and debt restructuring deals going forward?

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Market Spotlight: U.S. M&A Prospects For 2021 and Beyond

Economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 panic has spurred a dramatic rise in mergers and acquisitions throughout the U.S. market. Datasite teamed up with Mergermarket to produce a webinar in which a panel of experts from across the industry offered their insights about what we can expect in the months ahead.

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Market Spotlight: SPACs take off

SPACs were without a doubt one of the biggest headlines in the corporate finance world in the past 12 months. The majority of the listings so far have taken place on US exchanges, but what about EMEA?

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Expert Spotlight: Australia & New Zealand Deal Momentum

M&A deal flow in Australia and New Zealand is expected to continue the rebound post COVID-19, driven by vaccine roll-out, capital availability, multinationals’ carve-outs, as well as the SPACs boom in overseas markets, according to industry experts speaking at a webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket in late April.

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Market Spotlight: European Deal Momentum

With the rollout of vaccines across Europe, many are hoping that life will soon start to return to normal – or at least a new form of normal. What does this mean for M&A in the region? What will drive deal momentum there?

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Market Spotlight: Canada’s Evolving M&A Landscape

As firms, funds, and investors within Canada adjust to the changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, M&A transactions are on the rise. In partnership with Mergermarket, Datasite gathered a panel of experts to discuss how those trends are likely to evolve.

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Legal Advisor Insights: Guiding Clients Through a Market Boom

Datasite assembled a panel of legal experts to dissect current market conditions and what to expect in the months ahead for M&A and capital markets. Here are three takeaways from the discussion.

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Inside the SPAC PIPE

The PIPE, or private investment in public equity, is a critical step in the transformation of a blank check vehicle into an operating public company. Though PIPE offerings are hardly new to the capital markets, the recent rise in special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) has brought these capital raises along for the ride.

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Four Key Ingredients to a Successful Buy-Side Process

Much like a great recipe, a successful buy-side transaction is a skillful blend of key ingredients and execution. And the higher the quality of the ingredients, the better the end result. To develop Datasite Acquire, our dedicated buy-side platform, we interviewed hundreds of buyers to discover what those critical elements for a successful M&A process were. So, boiled down, what are they?

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Market Spotlight: Deal Momentum across Australia and New Zealand

Almost 40% of attendees at the recent ANZ Deal Momentum webinar hosted by Mergermarket and Datasite expect the high levels of dry powder and PE activity to drive M&A activity the most in 2021. Read this webinar recap blog to learn more.

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Sell-Side Process Problems and Solutions

Learn more about some of the most common sell-side process challenges and ways to overcome them.

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Thriving in Investment Banking: Part 2

For Junior Bankers, getting advice from more seasoned dealmakers is critical to career success. To promote this, Datasite has connected with a few successful investment bankers to hear what they have to say.

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in Greater China – Expert Insights

Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR, having been the earliest regions to be impacted by COVID-19, saw initial signs of deal recovery in Q2 and further recovery is expected in 2021, according to industry experts speaking at a webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket.

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Expert Spotlight: Greater China Deal Momentum

Multiple drivers have fueled the momentum in China’s post-COVID M&A landscape, and are expected to continue to drive deal flow this year, including the Chinese government’s dual circulation initiatives, multinationals’ carve-outs, low-cost financing, SPACs boom, and others, according to industry experts speaking at a webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket in March.

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Four Things Sellers Should Think About When Selecting a Buyer

It takes two to engage in an M&A deal, so it’s sometimes surprising that most of the focus has centered on buyer diligence. Now, with sellers very much in the driver’s seat, let’s take a look at four considerations that should be top of mind when they are selecting a buyer.

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Market Spotlight: Focus on M&A Direction in Latin America

Like most regions, Latin America has been dramatically impacted by the continuing global pandemic. The healthcare crisis has impacted consumer growth, but has also accelerated new FinTech opportunities. Read the summary of our recent live panel discussion on the LATAM market outlook, and check out the webinar replay to learn more.

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Market Spotlight: SPACs are coming to Canada

Initial public offerings of special purpose acquisition companies on Canada’s stock exchanges, which have so far paled in comparison to the frenetic pace of US SPAC issuance, will likely increase this year. Read more coverage from our recent M&A Momentum in Canada webinar in this article from Mergermarket editor Rachel Stone.

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Expert Spotlight on the Nordics

Four M&A experts recently discussed dealmaking in the Nordic region, including trends for 2021, the impact of COVID-19 on the market, and the growing importance of technology in streamlining the M&A process.

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Market Spotlight: Exploring Building M&A Momentum in Brazil

After a challenging year for new deals, the Brazilian IPO market is picking up sharply - and driving a variety of changes in deal making. To take a closer look at these trends, Datasite, in partnership with Mergermarket, recently hosted a live webinar with a panel of local experts. Read the post-event blog and check out the replay for more.

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Expert Spotlight on Benelux: SPACs, super sectors, and speeding up

What trends, sectors, and operational shifts are shaping M&A in Benelux in 2021? Experts discussed these issues at a recent roundtable. Find out what they had to say.

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Leveraging Technology to Drive a Successful SPAC Process

In a recent Datasite & Pitchbook led webinar, 73% of participants said that they would consider SPACs as a viable exit option in the future. This backs recent sentiments, as SPACs continue to make news headlines nearly every day. Sponsors, advisors, and target companies flock to highlight the many advantages of the vehicle – including the ability to manage market risk effectively, and sidestep lengthy processes involved in a traditional IPO.

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Market Spotlight: How to power the world's economic powerhouse in APAC

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, China has firmly cemented itself (again) as the world’s pre-eminent growth engine. How China’s energy market evolves in the years to come as its economy continues to mature will be critically important not only for the country itself, but for all of APAC.

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Market Spotlight: Greater China Deal Momentum

In this webinar, our panelists took stock of M&A activity in Hong Kong and Mainland China and discussed the outlook for the rest of the year. They also talked about Q1 2021 M&A activity and trends, as well as shared insights into sectors and sub-sectors that will present the most opportunities. Read this market spotlight blog post to learn more.

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Five Common Mistakes Buyers Make and How to Avoid Them

The post-COVID recovery is fully underway and sell-side M&A activity is running white-hot. For buyers, plenty of opportunities remain. But in an environment where valuations are hitting unprecedented heights, it’s more important than ever to stay focused and sidestep these five common mistakes.

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New Feature: Enhanced Analytics for Datasite Diligence

The Analytics in Datasite Diligence has you covered! Our capabilities are unmatched in the M&A market – and now we are making them even better. This release of analytics will include more intuitive navigation, redesigned dashboards, refreshed visualizations and more.

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Market Spotlight: Nordics Deal Momentum

M&A in the Nordics recovered considerably in the final quarter of 2020, boosted by deal activity in the technology sector. Will the upward trend continue? Will technology continue to play a significant role for both investors and dealmakers?

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SPAC Bubble or Not: How to Assess Value and Opportunity

The recipe for SPACs in 2020 mixed celebrity-backed blank checks with a bull market flush with capital and homebound investors hungry for growth returns. Last year’s activity was almost three times higher than the previous three years combined. At that pace there will be 400-450 new vehicles created in 2021, in an IPO market that typically brings 200-250 new companies to market.

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Market Spotlight: Benelux Deal Momentum

Although Benelux saw the M&A deal count decrease 17% yoy in 2o2o, dealmaking there rebounded in H2 and the region accounted for over 10% of the overall European deal count last year. Will Benelux maintain its resilience in 2021? What will be the keys to success?

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New Feature: Project Inbox

Project Inbox is unique to and only available from Datasite. And, most importantly to you, its going to improve the lives of everyone on the deal team. MDs, VPs and others on a deal team can now email any files they need loaded directly into the project. So can clients!

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Market Spotlight: The New PE Landscape in Europe

COVID has changed so many things for dealmakers. How has this affected PE in Europe? What lies ahead? Is tech now a constant in the industry?

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Datasite Roundtable Dives into Buy-side M&A and Corporate Development Trends

The world is gradually reopening, and M&A Americas activity is up 21% the last six months YoY. Valuations are soaring, making it tricky for top buyers to succeed. In a recent webinar, a panel of corporate development leaders explored how dealmakers are navigating today’s landscape. Read on to learn where the risks and opportunities lie.

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Market Spotlight: Semiconductor technology at a crossroads in EMEA

The semiconductor sector has been at an inflection point for a number of years. As the digitalization trend continues to transform industries and geographies across the world, what lies ahead for the sector in terms of M&A in EMEA?

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Market Spotlight: Datasite and PitchBook Webinar Examines Exit Opportunities in Private Equity

As we move forward after a historically chaotic year in private equity dealmaking, dry powder is at an all-time high, and fundraising has dramatically increased. Read on to learn what our panel of PE experts revealed about current exit opportunities and risks during our recent webinar spotlight, presented with PitchBook.

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The New Americas M&A Landscape Webinar Points the Way Ahead

We’re now well into the new year, and it’s not too early to see some green shoots sprouting. Read insights from our recent view of the new Americas M&A landscape.

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Surveying the State of Private Equity

If necessity is the mother of invention, then we can assume private equity (PE) dealmakers have come up with some inventive strategies over the past year. As businesses scrambled to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2020, many PE firms found themselves putting conventional exit plans on hold. With traditional sales and IPOs basically off the table in many sectors, it was time to get creative. And PE did just that.

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Market Spotlight: The New NPL Landscape in Europe

Although the last financial crisis was over a decade ago, many European countries are still dealing with the resulting burden of NPLs that built up during that time. Will the current crisis see something similar for NPLs? Find out how COVID, capital, and computers are shaping the NPL landscape in Europe.

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Greater Q&A Automation for All Deal Sizes

Q&A is a complicated process, traditionally managed via email & spreadsheets. Datasite improves Q&A through one easy to use interface, enabling faster communication and more reliable tracking.

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Our 3 Biggest VDR Tips for Life Sciences Companies

Based on our experience with over 1,400 healthcare transactions a year, we have compiled our 3 biggest tips to successfully utilizing a VDR.

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4 Key Considerations for Corporate Development in a post-COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has upended the way corporate dealmakers approach transaction management, according to audience polling and panelist insights during our recent Future of Transaction Management panel. Based on the discussion, here are four questions every corporate development team should consider before embarking on their next transaction.

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21 Ways to Thrive in Investment Banking for 2021

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, it is good to take a step back and think about what we have learned from top dealmakers on succeeding in the industry. As part of our #Iblifehacks series, we have compiled a list of 21 themes, courtesy of your industry peers and leaders, that every young banker should consider as they look to progress their career this year and beyond.

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Brexit: The deal is done. But what about your data room?

On December 31, 2020, the UK finally left the European Union. Now that the deal is finally done, how does this affect data regulation and, most importantly, your data room?

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The Privacy Shield has been invalidated. Is my data still safe?

The Court of Justice for the European Union recently invalidated the use of Privacy Shield Framework. What is the Privacy Shield? Why was it invalidated? And is my data still safe without it?

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New Feature: Set Your VDR Progress Reports on Automatic

Datasite is the only data room that lets you schedule progress reports down to the five-minute mark. That combined with our rapid data refresh rates ensure your reports are always fresh.

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Agility, Resilience, and Speed – A Reflection on 2020 for M&A Legal Advisors

COVID-19 disrupted transaction management for corporate lawyers across the globe in 2020 – resulting in greater reliance on digital technology, truncated due diligence timelines, and a general acceptance that markets will remain unsettled for the foreseeable future. Still, the expert panelists assembled for our recent Unexpected Lessons in M&A legal webinar, a partnership with the ABA, are unanimously optimistic heading into 2021.

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Enabling Deal Marketing in a Remote-working World

The fact is, deals are not dead. Whether it be opportunistic investments, a continuation of Pre-COVID-2019 transactions, debt refinancing or restructuring, there is still market activity that requires the right tools to get deals done.

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Local Spotlight: M&A Deal Drivers in Japan - Pulse of the Market

As of Q3 2020, Japan dealmaking saw a surge in activity, spurred by a rebound in domestic M&A and an uptick in crossborder deals. Learn more about the pulse of the M&A market in Japan from this webinar recap story..

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in Africa

Africa has its share of challenges when it comes to dealmaking – political instability, economic uncertainty, and now COVID have all cast a shadow over M&A. How bright does the future look for M&A in Africa?

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Private Equity Dealmaking and Due Diligence Strategies in a COVID-impacted, Post-election 2021

COVID-19 will continue to impact private equity dealmaking and due diligence strategies well into 2021, according to panelist insights and audience polling during our recent New Strategies for PE Dealmaking and Digital Due Diligence panel.

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Needle in a Haystack: Speeding Up Legal Due Diligence Responsibly

Legal advisors can reduce anxiety and bolster deal team confidence by choosing VDRs with these three crucial due diligence capabilities. Each proving beneficial to the buy-side and sell-side alike.

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in Turkey

Turkey had a relatively strong start to 2020; however, the COVID pandemic along with longstanding economic problems persist in Turkey. How are dealmakers tackling the challenges? What will turn around M&A in Turkey?

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Rethinking Redaction in Legal Due Diligence

Here are 3 reasons law firms should prioritize automation of redaction during legal due diligence to address the growing urgency to keep M&A lawyers focused on higher-value work.

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3 Data Room Security Capabilities Every Legal Advisor Should Mandate

Here are three bedrock security requirements all M&A lawyers should mandate for any platform or VDR used to manage financial transactions.

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3 Ways Legal Advisors Can Sustain Profitability in Uncertain Times

Advances in legal technology prove decisions in M&A transaction management can bolster productivity and improve work product while reducing the reputational risk of law firms to drive profitability and client retention.

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New Product: Datasite Acquire – Speed Up & Simplify One-to-One Transactions

There is a better way to execute buy-side due diligence. Datasite Acquire, our newest product, is the first truly dedicated buy-side due diligence virtual data room designed to meet the needs of corporate development teams.

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#iblifehacks Networking Tips from Top Dealmakers

A few key takeaways emerged from our conversations with industry experts to discuss career insights and how the global pandemic has reshaped the dealmaking workplace.

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How Legal Teams Can Overcome 3 Major Buy-Side M&A Challenges

Datasite recently announced a new M&A solution designed to address the most common challenges buy-side teams experience during due diligence. Here are three reasons why Datasite Acquire resonates in a particularly profound way for legal advisors.

Data Room Possibilities
The New State of Play: M&A Leaders Offer Insights in the Wake of a Pandemic

The global pandemic has shaken up all the rules in the Americas M&A market. So what's next? Read the key takeaways we heard from M&A leaders on our recent live webinar roundtable in partnership with the Financial Times.

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Local Spotlight: Healthcare & Life Sciences Deal Drivers in China - Expert Insights

China’s biotech sector saw a 78% increase in 1H deal value year-on-year with deal activity thriving amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Investments and IPOs in the healthcare sector are expected to gain momentum and pick up going forward, according to industry experts speaking at a webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket.

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Value Preservation & Transaction Tools for M&A in Critical Times

Many businesses are facing an uncertain future due to the effects of the current pandemic. As a result, value preservation is being considered as a way forward. But what can firms do to ensure a future? What tools are available to help them?

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NEW Feature: ‘MD Analytics’ provides functional data to help senior bankers win deals and execute faster

Datasite Outreach has recently launched new analytics capabilities, providing even more insights for your next deal marketing process.

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The Case for Technology & Information Officers in Law Firm Business Planning

Law Firm executives exploring pathways for sustaining profitability would benefit from strong representation from the technology and information teams in planning committees – individuals immediately positioned to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency gains.

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NEW Feature: Redaction AI

Redaction AI for Datasite Diligence enables dealmakers to speed up redaction using Artificial Intelligence. Redaction AI utilizes pattern recognition to locate occurrences of data types such as names, addresses, postal codes, email addresses, and currency mentions. Redaction AI also takes lists of user-defined terms, phrases and images and marks them for redaction. Redaction AI cuts redaction times by two-thirds vs. manual redaction. And because we enable users to tag each redaction with a reason, you can unredact in seconds by de-selecting by reason. Redaction AI is fast and easy to use.

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Local Spotlight:The New EMEA Restructuring Landscape

COVID has created challenges for many businesses and left more than a few wondering what the future holds for them. Find out how the restructuring landscape is changing in EMEA, and how companies can stabilize and move forward.

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IB Career Management for Post-MBA Associates

We put together a few pointers for MBA students who are starting their Associate program or will be in the future.

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German M&A Advisory in the Digital Age

At a recent roundtable discussion, Eighteen M&A thought leaders from Germany discussed how digitalization changes the work of M&A advisors.

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3 Pro Tips for Easing the Burden of Managing Transactions

For those charged with leading financial transactions – M&A, divestitures, capital raising, restructuring, etc. – the prospect of managing the deal team and other relevant stakeholders while meeting target deadlines often seems elusive at best. Here are a few pointers to help transaction managers maintain the requisite swagger needed to move through the deal lifecycle as a winner. Quickly.

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Local Spotlight: Healthcare & Life Sciences Deal Drivers in China - Pulse of the Market

During the webinar we hosted with Mergermarket, our expert panel discussed potential future investment hotspots in the healthcare and life sciences sector in China, as well as how regulatory changes can give dealmakers an advantage in closing more deal opportunities.

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in the Nordics

M&A in the Nordics had a tough first half of the year, with the upward trajectory experienced in Q1 being quickly reversed by the COVID crisis. Is the region starting to recover? Find out what the experts think.

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in Greater China - Pulse of the Market

In a live panel discussion with CITIC Capital, China International Capital Corporation, UBS, and Norton Rose Fulbright Hong Kong, we took stock of M&A activity in Greater China and considered the areas where financial stress is of greatest concern, as well as opportunities for growth in the coming months.

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in Australia & New Zealand - Expert Insights

M&A in Australia and New Zealand saw some signs of a recovery starting in May after deals globally witnessed significant declines due to COVID-19 since the start of the year, according to industry experts speaking at a webinar hosted by Datasite and Mergermarket.

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The New Normal for New Dealmakers

Key Insights from #iblifehacks: Career insights from the top minds in dealmaking webinar hosted by Datasite

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in Italy, Spain & Portugal

Southern Europe has been hard hit by the current pandemic. Like other regions, the Q1 figures that looked so promising have since taken a downward turn. Will recovery in M&A take as long as it did with the 2007/08 crisis for this region? And what will drive it forward?

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in SE Asia & India - Expert Insights

Gain insight from our panel of experts as they take stock of the response to date in two of Asia Pacific’s regional economies and consider the areas where financial stress is of greatest concern for dealmakers in Southeast Asia and India. And get exclusive access to the bonus Q&A handout with additional insights from the panelists.

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EMEA Spotlight: M&A Recovery, Restructurings, and the Role of Technology

What will drive M&A recovery in EMEA, both generally and specifically? And will there be lasting effects from our time in lockdown on M&A in the region, in particular with technology? We asked these questions to M&A and restructuring professionals at the different virtual briefings and webinars we hosted in the past five months. While aligned in many areas, there were some interesting differences.

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in Australia New Zealand - Pulse of the Market

In line with the global plunge in M&A activity amid the pandemic, M&A deal value in Australia and New Zealand dropped 53% year on year in Q1 to US$5.4bn and deal volume fell 26% to 114 deals. Learn how dealmakers in these regions are adapting to the crisis and continuing to get deals done.

Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in the Middle East

The Middle East has not suffered quite as badly from the current pandemic as other regions, but neither has it been spared. While the outlook seems fairly positive, the region is not yet at average levels for dealmaking. Find out what the experts had to say about recovery in the region and more.

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EMEA M&A: A new state of play – what do dealmakers say?

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, a new state of play appears to be unfolding for the M&A industry. We asked a panel of experts for their views on how the virus affecting volumes, how dealmakers are adapting, and what will be the lasting effects on the industry.

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The Emergence of Lawyers as Technology Stewards

Key insights from the Embracing Automation: Productivity Hacks for Transactional Legal Teams webinar hosted by Datasite and

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NEW Feature: Document translation

Datasite’s new document translation tool significantly reduces time spent on data room preparation while improving user experience and increasing security.

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New Product: Datasite Prepare

Datasite has released its newest product, Datasite Prepare. Designed to help deal makers streamline the deal preparation process.

Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in Japan - Bonus Q&A

What is the outlook for Japanese investors in terms of Southeast Asia and Asia in general? How should the impact of COVID-19 be considered in business valuations? These are some of the audience questions our panel tackled in this bonus Q&A to our webinar.

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M&A in DACH: Difficult, But Feasible

At our recent webinar, in partnership with FINANCE Think Tank, our panel of experts discussed how M&A in the DACH region has been faring since the pandemic began.

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Prepare Your Next Transaction: Refinancing. Restructuring. Rebuilding.

Get ready for a possible restructuring transaction. Learn how to pick strategy and prepare your business.

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in Benelux

The Benelux region has been hard hit by the current pandemic, with Belgium recording one of the highest death rates in Europe and M&A recording its lowest quarterly value since 2014. But cross-border transactions from China and the US have been providing a boost. What lies ahead for M&A in the region?

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Datasite Slays the Deal Preparation Challenge

As deal professionals you have the herculean task of getting the deal room ready in days. You have hundreds or thousands of documents to upload, review, index, categorize and redact before the data room can go live. While important this work is mind-numbingly manual and slow. But it must all be done correctly, or the deal can be delayed or worse.

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Local Spotlight: Deal Drivers in SE Asia & India - Pulse of the Market

M&A deal flow has experienced a slowdown in Southeast Asia and India because of the COVID-19 crisis, and the outlook remains uncertain. Learn how dealmakers on the ground are adapting and continuing to close deals despite the current situation.

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