July 07, 2022

New State of M&A: ANZ case studies

Featuring Gilbert+Tobin and Pencarrow

Come 2025, how much will technology and digitalization permeate the dealmaking process across Australia and New Zealand? Get insight into the New State of M&A in the region through the lens of leading practitioners and M&A experts.

  • Neil Pathak, Partner and Co-Head of Corporate Advisory Group and Costas Condoleon, Partner and Co-Head of Corporate Advisory Group, Gilbert + Tobin are of the view that digital transformation is now a boardroom priority for almost all companies across industries, requiring substantial investment.

    Gilbert + Tobin is a leading corporate law firm, providing a full-service legal offering to corporates and governments throughout Australia, and around the world.

  • Nigel Bingham, Managing Partner, Pencarrow, says that they will invest in and use more advanced technologies in their investment process.

    Pencarrow is one of the most experienced private equity managers in New Zealand. Since its founding, the firm has invested over NZ$500 million of equity capital in mid-sized New Zealand businesses.

Get access to their case studies showcasing M&A insights right from the corridors of dealmaking in Australia and New Zealand.



The New State of M&A

Datasite’s New State of M&A reports examine the current and future state of M&A worldwide. The reports include detailed analysis of survey responses from bankers, private equity firms, law firms, consultants, and corporates as they weigh the advantages and limitations of technology for data security, due diligence, access, and speed in dealmaking.

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