October 28, 2022

Datasite Acquire: Nailing a Triple Acquisition

Datasite Acquire™

Who: Large cap private equity firm

Industry: Industrial Automation

Role: Private Equity Associate

Headquarters: California, United States

Transaction type: Roll-up

Product used:  Datasite Acquire

Key features:

  • Permissions
  • Trackers
  • Dashboard


Key Challenges

M&A X3

Sometimes the only way to please your limited partners is to pull off three acquisitions in one. But the challenges don't just triple - they multiply. In addition to the usual confidentiality concerns, each target must be prevented from seeing one another's sensitive information, like sales pipelines.

Spinning plates

Not all the sellers have an investment bank to facilitate document gathering and plan out a timeline for due diligence. Between the buyer, counsel, accountants, and consultants, the sellers must juggle numerous workstreams while still running a business.

A chaotic waltz

In such a complex M&A dance, there's even more risk of trips and slips. Every party needs to know where the others are and what they're doing. Meanwhile senior investment executives want to stay in the loop and track developments. With everything in motion, how do you keep it together?

Key Solutions

3D permissions

With Datasite Acquire, permissions are as detailed as they need to be - while staying quick and simple. In a few clicks, the private equity firm specifies what each seller can view, print or download, and what stays invisible or restricted. No-one sees anything unless they are meant to.


Each seller sees all their outstanding due diligence requests with the built-in trackers in Datasite Acquire. That way, they can plan what to tackle on a weekly basis while balancing other responsibilities. Everyone now works on the same platform and with the same information.

Precise choreography

The Datasite Acquire dashboard keeps everything and everyone in sync. The private equity firm, the sellers, and the advisers can see all open trackers, divulged findings, upcoming milestones, and recent uploads. The entire extended deal team stays perfectly in step.

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2021 The M&A Advisor Award Winner
2021 Big Innovation Award
2022 Gold Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service

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