May 16, 2022

Deal Drivers: Americas Q1 2022

After the ferocious momentum of 2021, dealmaking in the Americas has been easing down in recent months. Not so much a decline as a return to business as usual, the first quarter of 2022 offers clearer indications of what lies ahead.

In Deal Drivers: Americas Q1 2022 we bring you the highlights and insights from across this highly diverse region. Datasite’s report, produced in partnership with Mergermarket, breaks down the deal activity and expectations across different sectors and territories.

Already a frontrunner, the technology, media & telecommunications (TMT) sector shows no slackening of pace, accounting for 36% of all announced transactions. Meanwhile clouds on the horizon include the Fed’s quantitative tightening, which may apply the brakes to growth in the US – and thereby the global economy too.

As inflation and rising interest rates temper the markets, what’s next for M&A? Read our full analysis of Q1 2022 deals and the prospects for future activity.

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