November 14, 2022

Deal Drivers: Americas Q3 2022

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The rollercoaster ride that is M&A today is giving dealmakers plenty of jolts. Swerving between inflation, international conflict, and post-COVID economic blues, it’s the roughest period since the pandemic first hit. But in context, it’s more complex.

Deal Drivers: Americas Q3 2022 reveals the current state of play. The third quarter saw the steepest slowdown of the year, continuing a year-long trend of braking, with both deal values and activity falling significantly from Q3 last year. However, year-on-year comparisons are difficult, in light of 2021’s blue moon boom. For now, dealmakers in the Americas must simply hang on tight and ride out the dips.

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What's inside?

Deal Drivers: Americas Q3 2022 explores activities and outlook for the following regions:

  • Canada
  • Weern US 
  • Midwestern US
  • Southern US
  • Northeastern US
  • Brazil 
  • Latin America & the Caribbean

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If you like to keep track of M&A worldwide, check out our other Deal Drivers reports from EMEA and APAC for a truly global picture.

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