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  • Introducing Datasite Pipeline
    Introducing Datasite Pipeline

    Advance your buy-side opportunities with Datasite Pipeline, and capture and manage all opportunities in one place. 

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    Application(s): Pipeline

  • New Look
    New Look

    Some highlights of the new look of Datasite:

    • Find your projects faster: Your launchpad screen refreshes when you log in – letting you get straight to work
    • View more onscreen: The new left-hand navigation bar frees up space for your data
    • Streamline your due diligence process: A redesigned Documents tab makes things so much easier
    • Move around effortlessly: Go places in one click, using the breadcrumbs in the global navigation bar

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    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Prepare, Outreach

  • Introducing Datasite Archive
    Introducing Datasite Archive

    Preserve and protect your project data with Datasite Archive. It's easily accessible, legally defensible, and completely searchable. 

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    Application(s): Archive

  • Introducing Datasite Cloud
    Introducing Datasite Cloud

    Manage the entire dealmaking process in one place with Datasite Cloud, a purpose-built platform for every deal type, and every deal phase. Keep all your activities in one secure space with connected applications, and build your success from one project to the next. 

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    Application(s): Cloud

  • Copy (More) From a Project
    Copy (More) From a Project

    Dashboards are now included in our 'copy from a project' feature. Rinse and repeat your go-to existing dashboards from another Acquire project, carrying over the naming, sizing, formatting, and layout into your new deal. 

    Application(s): Acquire

  • Save Attachments in Email Templates
    Save Attachments in Email Templates

    Save your deal document attachments, document links, and watermark settings in your bulk email templates. This way, you won't need to adjust them every time you return to bulk email, and you can enjoy a smooth, efficient, and repeatable bulk emailing process.    

    Application(s): Outreach, Email Templates

  • Mobile Analytics via Index
    Mobile Analytics via Index

    Sort the serious bidders from the browsers. Just use Analytics via Index on your mobile app. Tap a document to see who has viewed or downloaded it. Know which users and roles are truly engaged. 

    Application(s): Mobile

  • Export Tables to Excel
    Export Tables to Excel

    Minimize hours and errors by exporting table data right from the document viewer. Quickly and conveniently export tables from PDFs, scanned files, JPGs, and more. 

    • Start the export with one click of a button
    • Identified table data is extracted from a file, available to download as an Excel file from your browser
    • Available to users with download access to content

    Application(s): Acquire

  • Right and Left Watermarks
    Right and Left Watermarks

    Enjoy greater flexibility and customization in watermarking your deal documents. With right and left watermarking, you can now add a watermark on the left or right-hand side of your marketing files in addition to top, bottom, and center.

    Application(s): Outreach, Watermarking

  • Advanced Search
    Advanced Search

    Easily perform advanced searches with our keyboard shortcuts and templates. 

    • Hit the / key to bring up a basic search
    • Hit the Command or Control key, then the / key to bring up advanced search 

    Our advanced search template lets you easily add conditions like "any," "all," and "none" to your queries, making it faster than ever to find what you need in the data room. 

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Prepare, Search AI

  • Move Files on the Move
    Move Files on the Move

    Fresh content in the sandbox, but you're not in the office? Just file and publish it with the mobile app. Select the destination, set the permissions - and everything's sorted.

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Mobile

  • Q&A Grouping
    Q&A Grouping

    Group your deal's question list and FAQ for a spreadsheet-styled display directly within your project. Drag a column header to the top row or within the column sidebar to organize and review with ease. 

    • Group data by status, category, workflow level, and more
    • Group one or multiple columns
    • Easily edit or revert grouping    

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Q&A

  • Q&A Settings Update
    Q&A Settings Update

    Whether setting up Q&A for the first time or making changes, navigate quickly through teams, categories, and workflows with our improved design. Same functionality you depend on, but now with a cleaner design, centralized buttons, clearer messaging and warnings, and improved color contrast.

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Q&A

  • View Users in a Role from Permissions
    View Users in a Role from Permissions

    Roles are groups of users with the same permissions access. But whilst editing permissions by role, it's hard to remember which specific people are assigned to each role. Here's a solution - quickly see which users are assigned to a given role without leaving the permissions tab. 

    • Go to Permissions
    • Click the menu to the right of a role
    • Click view assigned users

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Prepare, Permissions

  • New Analytics Navigation
    New Analytics Navigation

    It's easier than ever to navigate our Analytics tab. The dashboard navigation is now accessible via a dropdown menu in the top left. Select the dashboard you wish to view, and filter for the detail you need. 

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Analytics

  • Tracker Exports with Enhanced Formatting
    Tracker Exports with Enhanced Formatting

    Review and share with ease the sharp and polished look of your exported checklists. All exported trackers will now include a bold header, listing the tracker name and the export date.  When exporting a single tracker, custom colors will carry over to the export’s row when using group-by column functionality.

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Trackers

  • Send Deal Documents as Links

    Send deal documents from Outreach as links instead of attachments. Gauge buyers' level of interest by seeing which links were opened and how many times they were opened. Watch the video to learn more. 

    Application(s): Outreach, Documents

  • Findings Interface Refresh
    Findings Interface Refresh

    Our findings interface has been updated for a more cohensive experience, with the same functionality for assessing risks.

    Application(s): Acquire

  • Column Configuration for Q&A
    Column Configuration for Q&A

    Both question and answer team users can adjust their personal view of the question list and FAQ. Choose which columns you want to see - and in which order - by clicking on filters or columns in the right-hand pane within the Q&A tab. 

    • Bulk filter and search quickly with a simple reset button
    • Reorder columns with drag and drop
    • Select and deselect columns to display or hide
    • Save your preferred display for future use

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Q&A

  • In-Context Analytics
    In-Context Analytics

    Get quick insights into document engagement without leaving the Documents tab. 

    • Select a file
    • Navigate to details and actions
    • Select view document history

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Analytics, Documents

  • Video Viewer Updates

    Upload video files to Datasite and reap the benefits of OCR-powered search and detailed analytics. Watch the video to learn more.

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Prepare, Documents

  • Tap to Connect in the App
    Tap to Connect in the App

    Reach contacts straight from the mobile app. Just tap any phone number to call it, or an email address to send mail. 

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Mobile

  • Additional Context When Setting Permissions
    Additional Context When Setting Permissions

    Know more information about your content when setting permissions without leaving the Permissions tab. By clicking on 'column' in the right-hand navigation pane, choose to display additional information, including specific settings enabled: 

    • Publish status
    • File type
    • Native file download
    • Document disclaimer

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Permissions

  • Document Level Disclaimers

    Boost security with custom, file-level disclaimers. Project Admins can add a disclaimer to a file from within details and actions, and track disclaimer acceptance history. Watch the video to learn more. 

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Prepare, Documents, Permissions

  • Copy, Move, and Rename from Search
    Copy, Move, and Rename from Search

    Action your search results with familiar tools like copy, move, and rename. No need to leave the page - perform the tasks you need from the search results screen. 

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Prepare, Search AI, Documents

  • Track everything, everywhere
    Track everything, everywhere
    • Track all deal setup tasks on mobile where you are
    • See read-only checklists for both buy-side and sell-side
    • Monitor all updates to your questions list

    Application(s): Diligence, Prepare, Acquire, Trackers, Q&A, Mobile

  • Smart Categories for Search Results
    Smart Categories for Search Results

    Filter your search results by their associated smart categories and quickly zero in on the files you need. 

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Prepare, Search AI

  • Chat in Acquire
    Chat in Acquire

    Connect with us faster with one click. Live chat is now available directly within your Acquire project. 

    Application(s): Acquire

  • Creating Your First Tracker
    Creating Your First Tracker

    If you haven't created a tracker yet, getting started is even easier than before. The updated interface displays the four ways to quickly build your interactive deal checklist. 

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Prepare, Trackers

  • Flick-Through Q&A on Mobile - Just Swipe
    Flick-Through Q&A on Mobile - Just Swipe

    Handling buyers' questions is smoother than ever. Simply swipe on your phone or tablet from one question to the next - and back again. With no need to return to your main question list, you can save precious moments and stay focused on providing each answer. 

    All that recovered time adds up, helping you speed to the end of the Q&A process - even when away from your desk.    

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Q&A, Mobile

  • Redaction PII

    Eliminate redaction roadblocks with our latest Redaction AI innovation. 

    • Achieve around 80% time savings on the redaction process. Our powerful AI automatically detects personally-identifiable information.
    • Trust the best in the industry. Our tools were built with the feedback and experience of dealmakers. 
    • Customize for your process. Select redaction reasons so you can unredact in bulk when the time comes. Select which folders and filerooms to redact. 

    Application(s): Diligence, Redaction

  • Acquire Trackers for Mobile
    Acquire Trackers for Mobile

    Acquire Trackers are now available via your mobile device. Download the Datasite app for iOS or Android, and take your to-do list anywhere. Just tap the app to access your read-only trackers in Acquire, and link to the documents you need to review.

    Application(s): Acquire, Trackers, Mobile

  • Expand Companies and Contacts
    Expand Companies and Contacts

    View all available information on a buyer or contact within the Companies and Contacts page of Outreach. Type in your company notes and description, and you're done. 

    Application(s): Outreach, Contacts

  • Enhanced, Customizable Dashboard

    View your deal’s progress in a dash with more robust information

    • No more static displays – enjoy flexibility to create multiple dashboards
    • 10+ widget options to add, delete, name, size, rearrange, and configure
    • Enhanced security to restrict individual dashboards by user or workstreams

    Application(s): Acquire, Dashboard

  • Mobile Publisher
    Mobile Publisher

    Publish or unpublish documents in moments from your mobile device - from individual files to bulk content.

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Mobile

  • Permissions Editing History
    Permissions Editing History

    Quickly see who has last made changes to the Permissions settings on your Datasite project without navigating away from Permissions.

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Prepare, Permissions

  • Export Search Results
    Export Search Results

    Search Datasite for keywords, then download the search results to Excel to keep as a working list.

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Prepare, Search AI

  • Search Interface Update
    Search Interface Update

    Our search interface has been updated for a more cohesive experience within our applications.

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Prepare, Search AI

  • Custom Alerts for Datasite Outreach

    Keep the deal moving forward by setting custom alerts for inactive buyers. Click to learn more.

    Application(s): Outreach

  • Permissions Refresh

    Same functionality you love, refreshed look. The new look makes it even easier to set permissions by role. Click to learn more.

    Application(s): Prepare, Diligence, Acquire, Permissions

  • Q&A Refresh

    Our Q&A tab has a refreshed new look. Users will notice easier-to-use filtering and sorting options and a cleaner correspondence modal. Click to learn more.

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Q&A

  • View As Permissions

    Project Admins can now impersonate any role on their Datasite project. Select the role, then click "View As" for the ultimate assurance that your roles and content are permissioned and published to your liking.

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Prepare, Permissions

  • Mobile Publisher

    Publish or unpublish documents in moments from your mobile device - from individual files to bulk content.

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Mobile

  • Login Duration Report
    Login Duration Report

    Compare which roles stay logged in the longest with this new report.

    Application(s): Diligence, Analytics

  • Analytics Method of Access Report
    Analytics Method of Access Report
    • Report on how users are accessing files on your project.
    • Bulk Download, Download, Print, View, and Preview.

    Application(s): Diligence, Analytics

  • Custom Emails
    Custom Emails

    Send customized emails to users on your project. Save your favorite emails as templates to reuse again if needed.

    Application(s): Diligence, Prepare, Acquire

  • Analytics Update
    Analytics Update

    The look and feel of the Analytics tab has changed. You will notice a sleeker interface.

    Application(s): Diligence, Acquire, Analytics

  • Outreach Analytics
    Outreach Analytics

    Outreach project analytics gives you visibility on how your deal is going.

    • View the conversion funnel, declines by reason, and declines by stage
    • Track your projects directly in Outreach
    • If your Outreach project is linked to a Diligence project, you will see also data room engagement analytics

    Learn more

    Application(s): Outreach, Analytics

  • Customized Project Invitations
    Customized Project Invitations

    Customize the invitation emails users receive when they are added to a Datasite project. Tailor the invites to suit your project's needs by including links, contact information, and instructions - whatever details you need to get your deal off to the right start.

    Application(s): Acquire, Diligence, Prepare

  • New Login Page
    New Login Page

    Our global login page has a refreshed look.

    • Smoother login experience
    • More intuitive password reset process
    • Same best-in-class data room security

    Application(s): Outreach, Acquire, Diligence, Prepare

  • Custom Color Dropdowns for Trackers
    Custom Color Dropdowns for Trackers

    Trackers have become more sophisticated with the addition of color to help you quickly identify key data when reviewing. 

    • Status and priority columns include set colors with their values
    • Choose from 20 colors for your custom dropdown and multi-select columns
    • All dropdown and multi-select values display with a wrap text option

    Application(s): Acquire, Prepare, Diligence, Trackers

  • Trackers for Data Room Setup

    Accelerate your data room setup and get to due diligence sooner. Trackers is your built-in interactive checklist. Analysts, deal teams and clients can collaborate seamlessly, working from one central request list that links straight to your index. No more emails or multiple versions. Save hours – just import your existing checklists from Excel, then set permissions for different users. Monitor progress in real time, and know when your deal is ready for lift-off. Available in Diligence, Prepare, and Acquire.

    Application(s): Prepare, Diligence, Trackers

  • Cross Project Copy

    Project Admins can re-use existing project assets like folders, trackers, and users. Copy from your other open projects and save hours of project setup time. Watch the video to learn more.

    Application(s): Diligence, Prepare, Acquire

  • New Look for Users Tab
    New Look for Users Tab
    • Our Users Tabs got a new look
    • All invitations are now in one screen - expired, active, and more
    • Advanced filter options and bulk actions available from the top and right action bars

    Application(s): Diligence, Prepare, Acquire

  • Document Expiry for Revoke Access Control
    Document Expiry for Revoke Access Control
    • Decide how long reviewers keep access to content they download.
    • Set a date, or revoke access immediately. 
    • Contact [email protected] to enable IRM today.

    Application(s): Diligence, Permissions

  • Share Analytics Dashboards for Datasite Mobile
    Share Analytics Dashboards for Datasite Mobile

    You're running data rooms 24/7, and all of your stakeholders want to know how their deals are coming along. And you certainly don't have the time to fumble around on email trying to connect everyone with what they need, when they need it. Now, you can share your analytics dashboards with a tap of a finger. It's never been faster or easier to keep your team apprised of data room activity and progress. Download the app today!

    Application(s): Diligence, Prepare, Analytics, Mobile

  • Outreach VDR Analytics
    Outreach VDR Analytics

    Access Analytics from your linked Datasite Diligence project right within Datasite Outreach. When your Outreach buyers make it to due diligence, you can quickly see which buyers are most engaged and which documents are being accessed most. 

    Application(s): Outreach, Analytics

  • Drag and Drop for Datasite Outreach
    • Upload hundreds of companies and contacts to your Datasite Outreach project in minutes. 
    • It's easy and streamlined, so you can do it on your own. Save time, so you can get straight to finding buyers. 
    • Quickly update existing companies and contacts with copy and paste. A simple way to keep your contacts up to date.

    Application(s): Outreach, Contacts

  • Deal History for Datasite Outreach
    Deal History for Datasite Outreach

    Want to add buyers to a Datasite Outreach project from a past deal? No problem! No more hunting down old Excel trackers. The new Deal History field in Companies & Contacts lets you see all past deals any buyer was in. Just filter by Deal History and select the buyers to add. 

    Application(s): Outreach, Contacts

  • Q&A for Datasite Acquire
    Q&A for Datasite Acquire

    The buyside leads Q&A thanks to a recent update to Q&A for Datasite Acquire. Buyers are admins and belong to question teams simultaneously. This allows buyside admins to run the transaction and ask the seller questions. 

    Application(s): Outreach, Q&A

  • Acquire Tracker Templates

    Got a tracker template that you use over and over again? Save valuable time. Datasite Acquire makes it easy to import a tracker from one of your open projects. Check out the video to learn more. 

    Application(s): Acquire, Trackers

  • Analytics for Datasite Mobile

    Do you know which buyers are most active in your data room? Thanks to Datasite Mobile, you can quickly access two dashboards to see who is logging in and accessing permissioned content. Watch the video for a quick overview.

    Application(s): Diligence, Analytics, Mobile

  • Introducing Datasite Archive



Additional updates

Feature Specific

  • December 2022: Updated password reset experience (Diligence, Acquire, Prepare)
  • November 2022: Chat (Acquire)
  • November 2022: Single Sign On Log-out Page Refresh (Diligence, Prepare, Acquire)
  • November 2022: Mobile update for swiping within Q&A (Diligence, Acquire)
  • January 2022: Link documents within Mobile (Diligence, Prepare)
  • February 2022: Analytics for Mobile (Diligence)
  • March 2022: Mobile Video Viewer (Diligence, Prepare)
  • July 2022: Dutch Language support (Diligence, Prepare, Acquire)
  • August 2022: Search Enhancements (Diligence, Prepare, Acquire)

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