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Corporate Development

Dealmakers from the world’s largest to smallest organizations rely on our best-in-class support and virtual data room software to manage financial transactions throughout the deal lifecycle.

So whether you’re working on a buy- or sell-side M&A process, fundraising, restructuring, or something completely different, Datasite helps you run your process efficiently and at scale.

Achieve your strategic objectives

Sell-Side M&A

When everything’s on the line, you want best-in-class support and M&A VDR technology behind you.

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Buy-Side M&A

Speed up due diligence and improve integration outcomes from the comfort of your own data room.

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Streamline even the most complex financial transactions on our powerful VDR platform.

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Start strong with Datasite and partner with us through every stage of your financial growth.

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Strategic Repository

The need for a safe place to exchange sensitive information doesn’t stop when your M&A process does. 

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Datasite for You

Tell us five things about your business and we’ll set up a data room that’s right for you.

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Easing your biggest workflow challenges

Extend your team

  • Our 200+ project managers perform routine setup tasks such as content organization, uploads and permission setting.
  • True 24/7/365 availability vs. an answering service.
  • 20 languages supported

Leverage AI

  • Upload and permission documents at scale.
  • Use our AI-enabled categorization and easy indexing tool to organize documents for you, based on its 400,000 transaction-specific vocabulary.

Centralize everything

  • Our Landing Page provides real-time status and open action items on every active deal. See all your projects in one place.
  • Enables users to go directly to select activity without having to open the data room.

Automate redaction

  • Redact and unredact terms quickly and at scale across the entire data room.
  • This can save 50% or more of task time - including external advisors.
  • Tag by reason so you can unredact everything at the end except PII with the click of a button.

Sharpen oversight

  • Track buyer activity and deal team progress in a series of easy-to-understand dashboards on our analytics tab.
  • Receive up-to-date reports in your inbox. Share with others, on-demand or scheduled down to the 5-minute mark.

Improve collaboration

  • Centralize and distill key due diligence findings with Datasite Acquire.
  • Work off your own checklists and streamline internal communication processes.

Partner with the best VDR in the business

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Corporate Development Knowledge Center

Get the inside scoop on key trends, challenges and best practices in financial transaction management.

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