Datasite Billing Center

Paying shouldn’t cost you any time. Launching later this year, your new Datasite billing center will set you free to focus on your deals.

Explore the easy way to pay

Using one simple billing center, you can make payments, manage payment methods, keep track of outstanding invoices, monitor your billing history, administer your account, and much more. Here’s a quick guide to how it works.

Making payments

Select an account to see outstanding invoices and the total balance due. Pay with a click – either one or more invoices, or the whole balance. Partial payments are fine too. 

Tip: Payment happens in a pop-up, so make sure pop-ups are enabled.

On this page you can also:

  • Set up payment methods (credit cards or secure ACH via WorldPay)
  • View billing due dates, credit notes and on-account cash
  • Export invoices to Excel or as PDFs
  • Contact us with inquiries about your balance

Your invoices will come in a new, improved format. Any MB transactions will now be billed in GB at the same rate equivalent. You may also see your invoice date change to a new regular slot.

Managing your account

You can see:

  • Account names and billing information
  • Associated projects
  • Project status
  • Billing contacts

Let’s say you want to manage your list of billing contacts. Just click on the list to:

  • Add or remove users
  • Grant or revoke a user’s access to the billing center
  • Adjust a user’s email preferences 
  • Monitoring your billing

    Keep track of your recent bills, and view your billing over time.

    • Monitor changes in your bill through the month
    • Estimated upcoming charges for each project
  • Billing history

    You can view your billing history over any date range up to 24 months.

    • View invoices, payments, and credit notes
    • Export history to Excel or as a PDF
  • Check legal information

    View any legal forms relating to your account.

    • View relevant legal forms attached to your account
    • Export forms as a PDF

See Datasite Assist in action

  • Billing center overview
  • Billing account information
  • Invoice overview

Frequently asked questions

Will my billing date change?

Currently, all projects are billed on the date they were opened. Moving forward, we will be standardizing billing dates to the 5th or 15th of each month. You will not be receiving your normal November invoices. Instead, you will receive your next invoice on either Dec 5th or 15th, including all unbilled activity from November. Going forward, you will receive your invoice each month on the 5th or the 15th for the billable activity from the previous calendar month.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes – and it’s easy. Set up your payment method and make payments from the billing overview page. We accept all major credit card providers.

Can I pay via ACH or direct transfer?

You can pay by ACH in the US, Canada, and Germany. We are evaluating additional countries for future availability.

What if I have questions on my bill?

From the billing center, you are able to submit a service request for any questions you might have. In the Billing Overview, select “More Options” and “Invoice Inquiry”. This will open a new window, and all invoices will be selected by default. Deselect all invoices that are not related to your question and enter your inquiry under “additional details”. Select “Submit Ticket” and then “Finish”. This will create a service request, and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

You also can reach out to our team via phone or chat, if you prefer.

How can I request a refund?

In the Billing Overview section, select “More Options” and “Request Refund.” Please note, you will only be able to request a refund if your selected balance is shown as negative.

How do I see billing history?

In the Billing Center, select history. This will give you up to 24 months of history for your invoices, payments, and credit notes. You can also filter for specific time periods and export to Excel or PDFs.

If you need to see beyond 24 months of history, please contact our team for assistance.

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