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“Datasite Pipeline puts formality and structure to the opportunistic approach. It’s years of building a relationship and making sure we’re staying on top of what our priorities are. Datasite Pipeline gives us that structure.”

Liz Mountjoy
Senior Vice President – Strategy and M&A, Performance Food Group

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  • Track your acquisition targets

    Track potential targets in real time on key metrics such as EBITDA, revenue, and opportunity stage. Dispense with spreadsheets and emails – work centrally. A single source of truth holds all your contacts, CIMs, NDAs, and meeting notes.

  • Analyze progress

    Monitor the health of your deal pipeline from a configurable dashboard. Compare targets with custom graphs, export to PowerPoint, and get scheduled reports sent to your inbox.


Evaluate, prioritize, and manage opportunity contacts, documents, activities, and tasks in one central place. On your laptop or mobile.


Track and report progress in real-time with easy-to-build dashboards and view past decisions on targets.


Easily set who sees what with advanced permission controls and move into due diligence on the same secure platform.


Ensure your next opportunity advances with 24/7/365 assistance in over 20 languages, by phone, email, or online.

All in one place

Because Datasite Pipeline is part of Datasite Cloud, you can easily move from one deal phase to the next. All on one secure platform. Whether in the office or on your mobile. With dedicated assistance to ensure you’re supported at every stage.