Data room trackers now enabled

Start projects quickly. Collaborate more efficiently. Access all the details you need to run your deal in one centralized location.
Accelerate your deals and leverage a fully integrated data room with trackers, now enabled in Datasite Diligence, Prepare, and Acquire.

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  • Save time

    Eliminate manual folder creation and save hours by automatically linking tracker items from your checklist to your data room. Reuse your favorite templates for added efficiency.

  • Streamline collaboration

    Collaborate more effectively with real-time updates in a single source of truth. Customize views so deal team members can access the right content for their role.

  • Integrate & connect

    Eliminate excess tools and get everything you need to run your deal, in one place. Assign tasks, delegate responsibility, track due dates and more.

See trackers in action

No more confusion. No more back-and-forth. No more emails. No more Excel. Trackers integrates every tool needed to effectively manage your deals.

  • Upload and duplicate
  • Create filerooms
  • Customize cells
  • Export progress to Excel
  • Drag to fill trackers cells
  • Create custom views for the seller
  • Create custom columns to suit each deal's specific needs

What users say

  • The tracker tool was an absolute time saver. Probably the most appreciated feature from the entire team.

  • This tool allowed us to centralize all the requests, all the responses, and then link all of the appropriate files and information to the exact response or request that was given.

  • It really helped with structuring the flow of information and also setting up the calls around that information flow.

VDR provider Datasite's 2023 Artificial Intelligence Excellence award
VDR provider Datasite's 2023 Excellence in Customer Service award
M&A data room provider Datasite's 2023 Big Innovation award
M&A data room provider Datasite's 2022 Best in Biz award

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