Sub-Processors list

Datasite uses selected sub-processors to meet the service levels detailed in our General Terms & Conditions and Data Processing Addendum. A sub-processor is a third party data processor that has or will potentially have access to or process customer data that may contain personal data. Unless transferred on the basis of an adequacy decision issued by the applicable supervisory authority, all transfers are governed by approved Standard Contractual Clauses.

Entity NamePurposeJurisdiction
Datasite LLCCustomer & Application SupportUnited States
Datasite UK LtdCustomer SupportUnited Kingdom
Datasite France S.A.R.L.Customer Support France
Datasite Germany GmbHCustomer Support Germany
Datasite Australia Pty LtdCustomer Support Australia
Datasite Singapore Pte LtdCustomer Support Singapore
Datasite Japan Godo KaishaCustomer Support Japan
Datasite Costa Rica Sociedad De Responsabilidad LimitadaApplication Support & Manual Document Processing Costa Rica
Microsoft Corporation - EMEA & APAC Customer projectsCloud-based Data Center*Germany West Central – Frankfurt (DR Germany North – Berlin)
Microsoft Corporation - Australia Customer projectsCloud-based Data Center*Australia East - New South Wales (DR Australia Southeast - Victoria)
Microsoft Corporation - Americas Customer projectsCloud-based Data Center*East US2 - Virginia (DR Central US - Iowa)
Merrill Technology Services India Private LimitedManual Document ProcessingIndia
Harman Connected Services Corporation India Pvt. LtdApplication SupportIndia

*projects may be hosted on any identified region upon request

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You must subscribe to receive email notification of updates to Sub-Processors by submitting (1) the email address for such notifications and (2) the full name of the legal entity on whose behalf you are subscribing. By submitting this information, you represent that you have all necessary rights to provide this information to Datasite.

How can current Datasite customers object to a new Sub-Processor?

If you are a current Datasite customer, with a fully executed data processing agreement (“DPA”) in place with Datasite, you may notify us of an objection to Datasite’s use of a new Sub-Processor used to process your Content by sending such objection to [email protected] within twenty-four (24) days after Datasite notice of such new Sub-Processor, or such other period of time as set forth in your DPA. Objections shall be handled as described in your DPA.

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