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Front of the Line #1: Look Smart

August 09, 2023 | Virtual Event

Our newest breakthroughs for you

No need to camp outside the store in the rush for the latest tech. We bring our cutting-edge inventions to you, with the Front of the Line showcase!

Change the way you work with groundbreaking apps and tools. Learn how they can enhance your dealmaking whether you're in PE, banking, corp dev or legal. Hear directly from the experts who continue to develop the Datasite platform – with your ongoing input. Reserve your place at the front!

Front of the Line #1: Look Smart

Register now to view our on-demand webinar and discover:

  • Our new look (and why it’s much more than a pretty face)
  • An awesome labor-saving tool – get those pesky tables out of images and PDFs
  • New mobile app enhancements to keep your deal moving anywhere

PLUS: An exclusive first look at Datasite Intelligence™ – the revolutionary AI search engine for M&A.

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