Acquire Trackers on Mobile

November 22, 2022 | Blog

Acquire Trackers on Mobile

Map your way through every deal with trackers

Running a buy-side deal? Or are you running through a labyrinth, with a minotaur hot on your heels? It can be hard to tell. And if you haven’t had that nightmare, it’s only because you’ve had no chance to sleep.

You try to keep on top of your tasks by using checklists. But who keeps track of the checklists? Versions multiply as the deal progresses, until you can’t be sure which files you have, which ones you still need, which have been approved, and which have major issues. Soon, you’re lost in a maze of spreadsheets and emails.

Theseus used a ball of string. You deserve better than that. So we created trackers.

It’s like an aerial view of your deal. One checklist, for everything and everyone. One that updates whenever anyone uploads a file, changes a document, or completes a task. No spreadsheets. No emails. No confusion. Just a single source of truth.

And you can access it anywhere, with the Datasite mobile app.

Tracking your buy-side deal on the app

Built into Acquire, our dedicated buy-side data room, the trackers tool gives you a clear line of sight across your deal’s to-do list.

Just tap the app to:

  • Manage deal checklists in real time
  • Rank tasks by priority
  • Identify next steps and key deadlines at a glance
  • View action items
  • Link through to related doccuments and findings
  • See who is responsible for each task

Now everyone involved in the deal is literally on the same page. You all know what’s in the data room, what’s been done, and what still needs doing. Or – to put it another way – you have mapped the maze, and everyone sees the route to success.

Keep your deal moving – go mobile

Carry your data room everywhere with the Datasite app. Stay ahead of deadlines, and connected with your team. Keep that deal in your pocket.

  • Enjoy secure access to your deal documents remotely
  • Manage the status of critical deal workflows
  • Run analytics on the key aspects of your deal
  • Instantly review and share documents
  • Communicate with deal teams and buyers anytime, anywhere

Download the latest version of the Datasite app now.