Datasite Forecaster 2H 2023 M&A Outlook

July 31, 2023 | Report

Datasite Forecaster 2H 2023 M&A Outlook

The 2H M&A Forecaster is out now, with trends and insights based on Datasite’s proprietary, aggregated, and anonymized transaction data.

The second half of the year is looking solid. Highlights include:

  • Sell-side deal kickoffs swelled in June, lifting 2H 2023 prospects.
  • Global 1H sell-side kickoffs dipped 10% below the same period as last year. However, they are only 2% below where kickoffs stood during the same period in 2021, a blockbuster M&A year.
  • North Am deal starts were the most sluggish, followed by EMEA. APAC and Lat Am are up.
  • Industrials and healthcare kickoffs surged in June, signaling renewed vigor in those sectors.

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