Dealmaker's Spotlight: Kumi Analytics

August 01, 2022 | Video

Dealmaker's Spotlight: Kumi Analytics

Technology is central to the business of Kumi Analytics. Clinton Libbey, Co-Founder and Managing Director, says that everything they do is enabled by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and processes over the internet. So, how have they used technology for fundraising and investor relations?

In an interview with Datasite, Clinton shares some of his insights into how startups should prepare before reaching out to investors, as well as the unique way that Kumi Analytics is using its data room beyond the due diligence process with investors.

Kumi Analytics is a data analytics company working with geospatial data generated by satellites and maps. They leverage AI and geospatial data to provide organizations with insights into economic, agricultural, and environmental activities, as well as carbon sequestration and oil and gas production.

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Clinton says that Datasite’s M&A technology also enables them to provide all the information necessary as soon as an investor expresses interest or requests one document or another.Datasite enables them to be ready to engage investors from day one, providing a platform to put everything together all at once in one place. With the advancement of M&A technology, dealmakers around the world now have the tools they need to succeed across the entire M&A deal lifecycle. From automated redaction to streamlined Q&A. From eye-opening analytics to branded reporting. These tools keep your deal moving.

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Datasite helps you across the entire M&A lifecycle. Enjoy first-class support, all day, every day, in 18 languages from our people. And protect your data with the best security in the business. Whether it’s user access, data at rest, or data in transit, we’ve got you covered with the strictest global safety standards across the data chain. So, however and wherever you do your deals, this is the place to make them.

One of the things I've really enjoyed about my relationship with Datasite is working with the customer support team. They're dedicated to our satisfaction. They are extremely responsive and they work with you as a partner, rather than as a customer. It's truly been a rewarding experience.
Clinton Libbey
Kumi Analytics

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