Energized by technology: Dealing in the cleantech revolution

November 27, 2023 | Report

Energized by technology: Dealing in the cleantech revolution

The rise of renewable energy technology is transforming the energy sector – particularly in the US. The burgeoning sub-sector of climate tech has expanded beyond venture capital, and now PE investors too are piling into renewable energy producers. Even the oil and gas giants are under pressure to acquire renewable energy companies to become less carbon-reliant.

All of which has major implications for the M&A industry. With the energy sector in a state of unprecedented flux, and the US chasing a clear end goal of zero net carbon emissions, the race is now definitely on.

Take the market’s current temperature in Datasite’s latest report in partnership with PitchBook: Energized by technology – Dealing in the cleantech revolution.

Highlights include:

  • M&A market trends
  • VC market trends
  • A look ahead at energy investment activity
  • The Datasite view on energy M&A

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