Get the Full Picture with Outreach Project Analytics

August 21, 2022 | Blog

Get the Full Picture with Outreach Project Analytics

By Kathy Zhao, Product Marketing Manager

As an investment banker, it’s really important to know how your deal is going and identify it early if a project is at risk. Now, the progress of your deal is no longer a black box. With the new Outreach project analytics feature, you will know exactly what’s happening on your deal.

Why you need it
Outreach project analytics gives you visibility on how your deal is going, so you get the full picture. You’ll be able to see project-specific analytics around what is happening on the deal so you can identify if trends are normal.

View the conversion funnel, declines by reason, and declines by stage. You can see which buyers are moving through the funnel and which have stopped. And you can track your projects directly in Outreach, so you won’t have to take an additional step to calculate numbers outside of Outreach. 

How it works
To view your project analytics, click the Analytics tab at the top of an Outreach project.

If your Outreach project is linked to a Diligence project, you will also see data room engagement analytics in the Analytics tab, so you can see what buyers are doing in the data room.

Benefit now…and later
With Outreach project analytics, you will quickly know if a deal is at risk, see where it’s stuck, flag anomalies, and identify which actions need to be taken to move buyers forward. So your deal can benefit better now…and later.

See project analytics in action

Get informed with insights and analytics from your deals in progress. With all projects in one place, you’ll have visibility, metrics on deal close probability, and team oversight you’ve never gotten before.

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