How our AI helps you become an M&A research superstar

August 10, 2023 | Blog

How our AI helps you become an M&A research superstar

Deal research – identifying potential buyers and deal comparables – is key to successful pitching for M&A sell-side dealmakers.  

However, deal research takes time – time you don’t always have. And entrants emerge or exit every day. That’s where Datasite Intelligence comes in. Assisting you from that first market map to that last-minute surprise player.  


But the challenges don’t end there.

You need the best buyer list to make your case. Miss a buyer, lose the mandate. Impress with unknown buyers and win the deal.

Information gathering is laborious; analysts and associates use many tools and spend hours gathering buyer information. Deal comps are always moving; getting the comps right – and ensuring any new ones get immediately flagged – are of critical importance. Search results on multiple research portals often turn up irrelevant names and search results.

Advisors must navigate through unfamiliar, niche markets in rapidly changing market conditions, without a way to check their buyer lists or tell if their description of an asset hits the mark.


Datasite Intelligence is an AI-powered research engine that helps dealmakers get better and faster deal search results for pitches. The AI engine provides relevant deal precedents and buyer recommendations to dealmakers by using natural language processing and other advanced technologies. You can search for asset sales and minority stakes investors and look up specific assets by description. Our financial buyer recommendations also draw from anonymized private equity activity on Datasite, one of the largest active transaction databases in the world.  


With Datasite Intelligence, dealmakers can:

  • Create a targeted list of deal precedents and financial and strategic buyer lists in minutes.
  • Surface potential financial buyers based on real time financial activity, not past history.
  • Proof your pitch: autogenerate buyer tear sheets with comparable deals; get a list of on-point buyer histories.
  • Research new and niche markets faster than ever and stay up to date on unfamiliar markets and changing market conditions.

See it in action

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