Into the Quaternary Period of Private Equity Dealmaking

March 20, 2023 | Report

Into the Quaternary Period of Private Equity Dealmaking

Private equity is entering a new era of evolution. The secondary buyout (SBO) – once largely associated with distressed sales – is now an established value creation gambit. It’s no longer unusual to see two, three, or even four rounds of PE funding, as increasingly specialist investors move in to extract as much potential as possible from a company.

In a first for both Datasite and PitchBook, our latest report explores the growing phenomenon of secondary, tertiary, and even quaternary buyouts. We reveal the new role these ‘subsequent’ buyouts are playing in the PE industry, and the resulting need for exceptionally rigorous and speedy due diligence.

What are the wider implications for PE investors – and for dealmakers as a whole? Read the report and find out.

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Highlights include:

  • 10-year trends for SBOs, add-ons, exits, and take-privates
  • Spotlight on tertiary and quaternary buyouts
  • Predicted SBO trends
  • The Datasite view on PE today

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