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Datasite Prepare

To execute a successful deal, you need to be prepared and deal ready. Datasite Prepare combines the best of technology with commercial agility in a single app. AI guides you through the arduous tasks of structuring your index, identifying relevant categories and redacting sensitive information. Integrated into the VDR, with one click you can be in due diligence. Get to deal outcome faster.

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Smart Categorization

Accelerate deal preparation using Datasite’s machine learning engine trained on over 3 million documents. Obtain categorization suggestions. Find associated documents.

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AI Indexing

Unsure of where a PDF, DOCX. or PPT belongs in the Index? Run the document through OCR and our AI will allocate it to the appropriate folder even if its nested 3 levels down.

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Document Preview

Unsure of where a document belongs? Simply hover over it, learn what the first page says and confirm it belongs to the due diligence preparation cycle.

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Intelligent Redaction

Deal preparedness is incomplete without GDPR compliance, removal of sensitive information and PII security considerations. Auto-redaction has you covered. Un/Mark texts or areas with a powerful OCR engine. Get to due diligence faster.

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Built into the VDR

As soon as you are ready to launch your due diligence cycle. Open the VDR. Permission users. Activate project success. All in one ironclad secure cloud platform.

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