Keep the deal moving - even on the move

January 30, 2023 | Blog

Keep the deal moving - even on the move

Your client adds a slew of new documents to the staging folder, just as you’re leaving the office. Do you return to your desk to file them properly – or go home, and lie awake thinking about them?

Neither. On your way home, you just open the Datasite mobile app and move all those files to their correct folders in the index. You’re finished in moments, and no-one loses any sleep.

It’s all thanks to the app’s newest feature. To move content when you’re not at your desk, simply open the sandbox on your phone or tablet, swipe left on the files or folders you want to move, and tap the Move button.

Then you just navigate to your destination folder. In the process, you can also set permissions. Here you have three options: i) keep the content’s current permission settings, ii) apply the destination folder’s permission settings, or iii) make this content hidden.

This is just one of the must-have features in the latest version of the Datasite mobile app. With a host of dealmaking tools to cover every step of the process, it's no wonder deals that use the app close a month faster.

You have the same ironclad security you depend on – with all the flexibility of mobile. Biometric login gets you in fast (while keeping unwanted users out). Then your data room is at your fingertips.

Monitor deal preparation progress with built-in trackers. Know what’s next on your due diligence checklist, and stay on course for launch. Find any document fast with the powerful search. And view, move, and publish content with a tap.

The deal goes live – and you’re responding to buyer questions as easily as answering a text. Need to add users? Adjust roles? Tap, tap, tap. Meanwhile, the analytics tab shows you which potential buyers are most interested.

With the mobile app, you always know where the deal’s at – wherever you are.