New State of M&A: China & Hong Kong SAR

September 20, 2021 | Report

New State of M&A: China & Hong Kong SAR

For all the advances in recent years, just how digitally mature and technologically sophisticated is the M&A, due diligence, and asset marketing process in China and Hong Kong SAR? How are Chinese dealmakers using technology to overcome challenges?

Moreover, what does the process look like today, and how might technology and accelerating digitization change the dealmaking process over the next 5 years? 

These are some of the key questions we wanted to investigate and answer in this research, which involved surveying 200+ China and Hong Kong M&A practitioners from corporates, private equity firms, investment banks, law and professional services firms.

What's Inside?

  • Executive Summary: China and Hong Kong SAR vs APAC and Global M&A trends
  • 2020 The Current State of M&A in China and Hong Kong SAR
  • 2025 The Future State of M&A in China and Hong Kong SAR
  • Case Study: HSBC
  • Case Study: Deacons
  • Recommendations: Four Ways to Digitize Your M&A
  • Survey Results

The respondents, who form part of a global survey of 2,235 practitioners, not only provide insight on the current and future state of the dealmaking process, their responses reveal some interesting regional similarities and differences in opinion.

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