How can you better manage your M&A opportunities?

June 29, 2023 | Blog

How can you better manage your M&A opportunities?

Pipeline management – identifying, building, and managing potential targets and opportunities – is key to success for M&A buy-side dealmakers. However, the process can be extremely inefficient.

Dealmakers often rely on Excel and offline spreadsheets that are not purpose-built for tracking M&A opportunities, lack sophisticated automation to optimize workflows, and don’t link with other M&A technologies being used.

The challenges

Frustrating? Of course. Dealmakers should be focused on value-added activities, not wasting time on (re)learning complex and costly technology, that often lacks support.

But the challenges don’t end there. Imagine managing hundreds of acquisition opportunities every year and trying to prioritize best-fit targets when documents are stored offline and manually managed. And keeping track of deals over the years is not only time-consuming but also a potential black hole due to turnover.

Moreover, teams often report pipeline progress in disparate formats and places, collaboration across the team is tricky, and extra work is needed to keep stakeholders informed.

The solution

Datasite Pipeline helps buy-side dealmakers track opportunities for growth or partnership. It centralizes all activities, contacts, documents, and data associated with a dealmaker's pipeline. 

This single source of truth helps dealmakers prioritize opportunities, remain competitive, and drive more deals. And with a Datasite Cloud subscription, users can also launch Acquire or Diligence projects directly from Pipeline – even on a mobile device.

The benefits

In Datasite Pipeline, dealmakers can:

  • Gain efficiencies through central management of opportunity contacts, documents, activities, and tasks.
  • Stay informed with easy-to-build dashboards to track and report progress in real time.
  • Evaluate and prioritize opportunities in one central place with built-in automation.
  • Stay secure with advanced permission controls to easily set who sees what.
  • Centralize every record on your targets so that you have a perpetual historical view into past decisions on targets.
  • Move into due diligence in minutes, allowing your team to reach deal outcomes with more agility.
  • Unlock the full suite of M&A applications by leveraging a Datasite Cloud subscription, with additional hands-on strategic support.

See it in action

Contact us to speak to your client representative and find out more. You can request a personalized demo to learn more about how you can use this and other productivity tools in your next deal or process.

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