What our mobile app 2.2 can do for you

December 13, 2022 | Blog

What our mobile app 2.2 can do for you

As a dealmaker, you feel the pressure to be always on – even with the holidays coming. According to our 2021 study, nearly half (48%) of dealmakers now use the data room ‘continuously’. But people aren’t machines. If you’re going to take on round-the-clock M&A without burning out, the answer must come from technology. We’re helping you meet this challenge with the Datasite mobile app.

Now in version 2.2 on both iOS and Android, the app does more than ever before – and more easily. With the app you can review documents, share files securely, invite and manage users of the data room, track due diligence checklists, and keep up on the Q&A process.

In short, it’s the next best thing to keeping your data room in your pocket, or by your bedside. People think of apps as tools to use on the move, but it’s every bit as useful to be able to check up on your deal last thing at night, and so sleep easier.

Here’s a breakdown of the key features – and the newest updates.

Due diligence in the palm of your hand

Quite simply, the app lets you proceed with due diligence wherever you are. But due diligence of course demands due security – and that’s where the Datasite app comes into its own. Using the app is every bit as secure as working from a desktop. And the latest biometric security makes logging in quick and effortless too.

Keep track of every task

Built-in trackers let you monitor your deal setup process in real time, on both buy-side and sell-side. Instead of manual checklists in Excel, you have one central tracker you can view from anywhere on your mobile. See what’s uploaded, what takes priority, and who’s responsible. It means no more version control issues, and no more hunting for files – just tap the link to pull it up inside the app.

Find, review, publish – in seconds

Speaking of hunting for files – a huge amount of the M&A work burden is just that. Hours can be lost in trawling a data room for a particular document, or piece of information. Such delays add up to days. The Datasite mobile app boasts the best search and filtering tools on the market, letting you instantly locate any file across the project, and even particular words and phrases within documents. All those delays? Yesterday’s problem. And when the NDA is signed, publish content with one tap.

Too many questions? Here’s the solution

Another massive time-sink for a deal is fielding and answering buyers’ questions. The app lets you do this anywhere, turning dead time into deal time. One screen shows you all the questions, flagging any that are new or unreviewed. Drill into each one, review, and respond – speeding you towards ‘inbox zero’. And if final responses need additional reviews from senior people (e.g. VPs or MDs) then they can easily log in, review, edit and approve. The entire process is faster.

Optimize people power

As the saying goes, you should work smarter, not harder. That can mean ensuring that exactly the right users have exactly the right access to perform their role in the fastest time. Using the app, you can add users to the project directly from your mobile device, then activate (or deactivate) them with a swipe. And if you need to modify particular users, the filters let you find them in seconds.

You can also enable the reviewers on your deal to complete due diligence faster. Empowered with the app, they can search and review documents, swipe through all submitted questions, dive in and read the entire thread, view any attached documents that form part of an answer, and manage question team workflows.

The bottom line? You can now do more in less time. The Datasite mobile app sets you and your team free to deliver your very best.