Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Datasite

Datasite has been incorporating AI into its technology since 2019. In total, our AI R&D team has created 10+ apps and counting. 

Datasite's AI helps with everything from loading trackers into projects to launching innovative new M&A technologies like Redaction AI and our buyer finder app, Intelligence. 

And we're just getting started. Our team is working hard to meet the rising demand for safe, purpose-built, and assistive AI M&A technology. 

Datasite takes a security-first approach to artificial intelligence, including generative AI.

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Frequently asked questions

How does generative AI differ from other Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI takes many different forms, including generative AI. While both AI and generative AI are integral to product development at Datasite, they differ in their levels of autonomy and creativity.  

Generative AI has the unique capability to create new content, thereby expanding beyond the limitations of traditional AI. For instance, we have a generative AI tool that rewrites company descriptions to improve search results in Intelligence, our buyer finder search application.

What is your approach to generative AI?

Here at Datasite we believe the opportunity to improve M&A processes through generative AI is profound. However, we also believe the safety of your data comes first.  

Our safety-first approach limits how we scope and deploy all our AI technology, not just generative AI. Our AI is purpose-built and includes stringent data privacy controls and quality assurance measures. You can learn more about the Security and Compliance standards we adhere to here and Datasite’s AI Legal and Compliance approach here.

We believe it is important to address these limitations up front. AI technology must be built by people you can trust. And when it comes to data safety and AI, there is no easy button.

What is your experience with AI M&A technology?

Datasite began incorporating AI into its M&A technology in 2019. Our AI R&D team supports more than 10 M&A technology applications and tools – and counting. 

Datasite’s AI assists dealmakers with everything from redacting 100+ types of PII, to finding new buyers for sale processes, to estimating private company financials.  

And we are just getting started. We are working hard to meet the rising demand for safe, secure, custom-built AI M&A technology. 

What should I look for in AI M&A technology?

We are entering a new AI technological era with many unknowns. Here are the top three things to consider when adopting AI and generative AI technology for M&A.  

  • Safety. Ensure any AI technology you use meets the security standards of your organization and local government regulations. What is the technology vendor’s process for keeping your data secure? 
  • Data provenance and sourcing. Data provenance and sourcing directly impacts the safety and the performance of AI models. What data does the AI use, and where does it come from? How does the AI use data you provide it? 
  • Experience. Check the experience of the team developing the AI technology. What is their reputation? Do they have a successful track record of building products for your industry?
Who do I contact with more questions?

For questions about our AI products and tools, reach out to your local sales representative.  

To learn more about our safety-first approach to AI design, read Datasite’s AI Legal and Compliance FAQs. For additional questions, you can contact [email protected].


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PDF to Excel conversions

We use AI to turn pdfs of tables into manipulable XLS so they don’t have to converted by hand.

Automated redaction

AI flags personally identifiable information (PII) in documents, enabling faster and easier review.

Focused searches

Natural language processing (NLP) helps dealmakers find deal precedents by business description instead of broader industry classifications.

Company revenue

We use a mix of algorithms to estimate current company revenue, helping dealmakers with size approximations.

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