Accelerate your due diligence with Redaction AI

March 13, 2023 | Blog

Accelerate your due diligence with Redaction AI

You know how important redaction is to deal success. But it can take a lot of time. Protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and complying with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CPRA, or APP is a necessity. And strategic and commercially sensitive data also requires redaction. Suffice it to say that you can’t really get a deal done today without it.

A sensitive and time-consuming task

Looking through documents for personal and company names, physical and email addresses, currencies, account information, and more is not only a time-consuming task, but also a pretty mind-numbing one that is prone to error.

If you’re ‘old school’ and use a black marker to redact documents, then scan and upload them back into your data room, your deal can be brought to a crawl. If you use unintegrated tools, it means wasting a lot of time passing files back and forth from your data room.

And if a third party is hired to do the redaction, as some data room providers do, then there’s the issue of security. Do you really want your sensitive files changing hands with an unknown entity? You can spend days or even weeks redacting, checking, and rechecking that all is correct and worrying if any data was compromised.

AI makes it better and faster 

That’s where Datasite’s Redaction AI comes into play. It not only suggests potential redactions but also allows you to create a bespoke list of words and phrases to redact.

You stay in control by reviewing and confirming the list of occurrences before they are redacted. You can also easily and on-the-fly unredact something when needed, per a buyer’s request, for example, or as the deal advances.

And it’s all done in your data room with trusted wall-to-wall security. It’s that simple. No more hunting through every document. No more time wasted. No more worrying if you found every instance. No more questioning if your data is secure.

In just a few clicks, you can redact and speed up due diligence. Minimize your risks. And accelerate your deal.

The benefits

Redaction AI allows you to:

  • Redact personally identifiable information (PII): Stay compliant and redact PII in a few clicks. The AI finds it all for you: tax IDs, account numbers, contact information, and more.

  • Redact as you upload: Upload content to Datasite Diligence and the built-in AI gets to work, marking potential redactions. Just click to confirm, decline, or change.

  • Automate redaction of selected terms: You can also create a list of specific words and phrases you want redacted.

  • Redact images, logos, and even handwritten notes: Select special items (eg images) with a special area tool, to mark every instance of it for redaction.

  • Check and confirm redaction draft: You review the AI’s suggested redactions and accept or decline them before going live.

  • Manage overall project redaction: You can monitor redaction activities, including document volumes, top redactors, and team progress. You can also schedule reports.

  • Ensure security and compliance: Know your data is secure with full data encryption, trusted wall-to-wall security, and a commitment to the highest global standards for technology and security. Rigorous data protection policies mean that all personal data is processed in accordance with local data privacy laws, all across the globe.
  • Tag redactions by reasons: You can set up different reasons for redaction (eg strategic, commercial, privacy regulation compliance) and create tags for each. Then, when you find an exclusive buyer, you can unredact exactly what they need to see.

See it in action

Contact us to speak to your client representative and find out more. You can request a personalized demo to learn more about how you can use this and other productivity tools in your next deal or process.

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